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Many Internet users have by now heard about PRISM, the NSA’s secret program for spying on people through their Internet activities. The latest from Edward Snowden has given us an in-depth look at the tool that the NSA uses to extract user data from the Internet, called XKeyscore. The power of this tool to build a profile of any Internet user with just an email address or a name is extraordinary. It has now become essential for Internet users in the UK to have VPN services like Boxpn at their disposal to help shield them from NSA snoopers.

Closely Watched from Within and Without

From leaked NSA documents we have learned a lot about who the NSA was targeting for intelligence data gathering. And not only are UK users vulnerable to NSA snooping, but the UK also has its own version of Internet spying. The UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, or GHCQ, has spent hundreds of millions of pounds to acquire intelligence.

Everyone is the UK is now at high risk of having their Internet activities closely surveiled by both internal intelligence units and by the widespread NSA data mining initiative. It is imperative for Internet users who value their privacy to take advantage of the protection that a VPN can provide. Boxpn VPN is one of the leading VPN providers that can shield UK users from surveillance.

Privacy has become an even bigger issue now that the extent and power of the intelligence gathering network covering the UK has been revealed. For those who want to keep their personal Internet activities to themselves need the Boxpn VPN tool. VPN services give users an alternate IP address when they surf the web. This works so that their real IP addresses cannot be followed to the websites they visit. Any traces run on a user’s IP address will stop at the server. The alternate IP provided by the VPN server is not traceable to the user, so snoopers are left with a cold trail. There is no way to find out what VPN assigned IP address a user has. And there is no way to connect the user with that IP address. So everything that the user does online is now completely anonymous.


Other Dangers

Another danger that individuals face is this data getting into the hands of people who can and will manipulate it for their own benefit. In the guise of preserving the safety of the public and to combat terrorism, it is not far-fetched to guess that private companies also have access to this data. One example is the company who previously employed Edward Snowden, a company that was contracted to assist the NSA in surveillance and data gatheringactivities. And more of them will soon be allowed access as the need to expand the area of influence increases.

The more data that is stored and shared, the greater the risk that this data will find its way out into the open. And the data that these intelligence agencies has gathered is more specific and personal than the public was originally led to believe. After the news of mass data collection of US phone calls came out, US President Obama announced that the NSA was only taking metadata that contained no personal information. It has now been revealed that XKeyscore has the ability to find and show to NSA analysts the specific contents of those phone calls. And there’s more. Emails, online chats, photos, instant messages, web browsing history and activities, social media posts, and any other stored data on the Internet can be seen in full by any NSA analyst using XKeyscore. And these full records of a user’s Internet life can be shared with any third party working with the NSA.

User data is very valuable these days. And the type of user data that the NSA is able to so easily extract from the Internet is so specific and complete that it is a veritable gold mine to thieves and advertisers. Less specific information that is scraped from users unprotected by VPNs is regularly bought and sold by and to hackers and advertising companies. It can lead to the creation of robust user profiles that can be manipulated to perpetrate identity and financial theft, and to use in the creation and dissemination of irresistible personalized advertisements. In combination, hackers even use fake versions of these personalized ads to inject malware and sophisticated viruses into users’ computer hardware and networks. Their goal is to spread further and deeper until they have control of vast networks of computers all over the world that they use for more and bigger crimes.

Privacy is one thing that Boxpn can provide. Security comes along with that. Your IP address is your primary online identification. But more than just hiding your IP address, Boxpn can encrypt your data and send it through a private tunnel that no one else can see through. This way, all your online traffic is shielded from snoopers.

Choosing a VPN

Not all VPNs are alike, and the main concern for privacy and keeping your identity anonymous online is trusting your VPN provider. Your VPN provider has the power to reveal your identity if they choose. Be careful to read through the company’s privacy policy to learn what data about you they keep, if any, and how they use it. Also choose to use a payment system that gives you the same privacy rights. Visit our top VPN providers page to learn more about Boxpn and other VPN companies. From there you can read reviews and visit the providers’ websites. Then you can come back and use our simple VPN comparison tool to look at the services you prefer side by side so you can get a better feel for the VPN service that will suit you.

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