Secure your Online Life with IPVanish

Not only are marketers shadowing your every move online. Privacy is being violated by many other online entities. With the IPVanish VPN, you can stop third parties from recording your activities, reading your private messages and profiling you.

IPVanish VPN, Made for Online Privacy

The IPVanish VPN was designed as a tool that people can use to prevent your online life from being intruded upon. When a VPN is used, all traffic that goes from the user’s computer to any website or through any Internet enabled application is anonymized. This means that no third party can see what the user is doing online. The data that is sent over the Internet is also encrypted. This secures the data so that no unauthorized party can read it.

By using a top VPN like IPVanish, therefore, people can use the Internet as they normally do without the fear of having the intimate details of their private lives exposed. With a VPN, even the Internet service provider that controls all user traffic cannot snoop on user activities.

Online Privacy and Internet Surveillance

The massive surveillance conducted on Internet users worldwide is still a very pressing issue. It goes far beyond the initial revelations of Edward Snowden about the NSA. Countries are cooperating with each other, sharing data that they have no right to access in the first place. This is a violation of human rights. It also puts people in danger of data leaks. Plus, it destroys the trust that people have in the Internet. The Internet has become an integral part of many people’s work and personal lives. Not being able to use the Internet because one’s online life is in danger would be a big problem.


IPVanish is a strong tool that people can depend on to protect them against data breaches. It begins with online privacy that secures people’s identities, data and online activities. IPVanish can do all this at an affordable price. And it can be used on more than one computer or portable device. A VPN is one of the best tools at the disposal of Internet users today. For people who haven’t tried one, now is the time to get a subscription for online privacy protection.

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