proXPN and Customer Data Logging

Anonymous service does not mean that there are no logs of your personal information. When you look through the information about the top VPN companies, make sure that you check their logging policies. Some VPN companies keep logs of their customers’ information. Privacy conscious VPN users need a service that does not keep user data for longer than is absolutely necessary for service performance.

No Logs = Better Privacy

You will come across many VPN companies that will promise to give you online privacy or anonymity. But a VPN by itself cannot guarantee that you will not be tracked. And if the company keeps logs of your activity and personal information, you do not really have privacy. Your identity and activities are not secure if they keep this information for longer than they need it to help you troubleshoot your connection and to provide better service. And if you are wanted by the authorities, you cannot use a VPN to hide from them.

Most VPN services need some data to be able to improve their services. They use data to see how the VPN is being used so they can keep up with demand. The key here is to make sure that the company does not store that data for more than a few days. VPN companies should always keep this data private. But if the government asks for it in relation to criminal cases, however, your VPN company may be obligated to hand it over.Protect on Wi-Fi Networks

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