How to Unblock Voip in the United Arab Emirates

In The United Arab Emirates, access to some sites and services are blocked. One such service is VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. Services like Skype, Google Talk, and more are all blocked by a firewall making them unavailable to users in UAE. By using a VPN however, users can bypass this firewall and use the VOIP services as much as they want but there are some things to consider about the VPN you choose to do this.

How Secure Is Secure?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN functions by tunneling a users internet connection through a remote server and assigning a new IP address based on that server’s physical location. At the same time, this data stream is encrypted which protects it from prying eyes. By connecting to a server outside of UAE, users can access sites that have had their IPs blocked in UAE. By default these users are granted a level of security that will protect them from most prying eyes and allow them to bypass firewalls that have been put in place. If you are still concerned about security or are trying to get past a stronger firewall you may want or need to use a VPN with a higher level of encryption. Be aware that this will most likely mean a greater cost to you and might be incompatible with some devices.

What Level Of Performance Will I Need to Unblock Voip in the UAE?

VOIP can be a rather demanding process in terms of raw bandwidth, and that’s just looking at voice over internet, if you also wanted to send video you would need an even better connection. When choosing a VPN provider you will want to see how many available servers the provider has and determine their locations in relation to you. The more servers a provider has on offer, the more evenly traffic will be spread across them. This can help avoid clogging the available spaces which will ensure a much smoother picture and better audio quality. While you will be connecting to a server outside of UAE in order to access VOIP, you will want to connect to the nearest possible server. This distance between you and server can lead to timeouts or input lag which will be much more noticeable on video or voice calls than simply trying to check your email.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

The cost for a VPN to unblock Voip in the UAE will vary based on a few factors. Some providers offer a variety of plan types while some offer the same features across the board and offer instead different chunks of time. You will want to decide what features are important to you and find a provider that offers them. If you plan to use VOIP and other net services a lot you may opt for a provider who offers unlimited bandwidth, if you need more security you’ll want to go with a provider who can provide that. To make this process a bit easier, our team of experts have put together a table of pros and cons for the top VPN providers. This table highlights the various features and costs of these providers as well. You may want to research user reviews to answer additional questions you may have but this table will get you started.

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