ExpressVPN and the iOS Backdoor

Apple has come under scrutiny several times over the past year. The biggest story so far has been the purported NSA backdoor into iOS. This story surfaced again last week with news of photo and message hijacking. Top VPN ExpressVPN expresses great concern over this because it can compromise all of an iOS user’s personal data in just a few minutes.

Apple Knew About the iOS Backdoor

Jonathan Zidziarski, a famed security researcher, reported the existence and grave danger of the iOS backdoor last week. Apple not only finally acknowledged the existence of the backdoor when the report came out. They stated that they had full knowledge of it. They tried to explain that they believed that no one except specially trained employees of Apple could detect and use it. Evidence of this backdoor had been reported months earlier through parts of the NSA documents released by Edward Snowden. Still Apple denied its existence and did not address the enormous crack in the architecture of their mobile operating system.

iOS users need to be aware of the security risks that this presents to them and keep important data out of their iPhones and iPads for now. They should also start using a VPN every time they connect to the Internet so that any online activities and communications can be kept private.

As soon as news about a potential iOS backdoor hit the press, hackers could have been all over it, searching for it and ways to exploit it. Yet Apple did nothing to protect its iPhone and iPad users. Aside from this, there are again the huge privacy concerns related to government spying. Apple said that the backdoor was not created to allow the FBI or the NSA to access user data. But they did not deny that the backdoor, created for diagnostic purposes, was shared with these agencies.

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