IAPS Security for the New Year

This year, you can avoid being a statistic with the IAPS Security VPN. Every year, tens of millions of people become the victims of hackers, snoops, thieves, and other Internet criminals. All Internet users want to feel that they can be safe when they go online. Now everyone can really be safe in 2014 with a professional VPN service like IAPS Security. The IAPS SecurityVPN can give Internet users online privacy and security everywhere they go.

IAPS Security VPN Equals Online Privacy and Security

VPN Encryption guards your data and traffic so you are not exposed when you surf online. You will have privacy and security no matter where you log on. And you also get a high level of anonymity with encryption that can keep you safe. When you have online anonymity, your identity will not be easily stolen. And you can download and upload without being tracked and your bandwidth won’t get throttled. You can log on to any of the social media accounts you have without worrying about your logins getting stolen. Even your online banking can become more secure with a VPN because your credentials will be safely encrypted.


With a VPN, your IP address is hidden from all third parties that might want to use it to track you. A lot of advertisers make money this way. They follow your activities on the Internet and collect data on you. This is a really big privacy problem. But if you are not using a VPN to encrypt your data, you can get into worse trouble. Thieves and hackers can also track you to steal your usernames and passwords and get into your accounts. This is especially easy for them when you log on at WiFi hotspots. But when you have a VPN like IAPS Security, you can be safe even on unsecured connections.

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