How to Block Carrier IQ on iPhone?

The recent scandal about the carrier IQ has enraged many people who are using iPhones. It is said that it keeps trail of your positioning data and sends the data back to its servers. It does not remain active on some of the android phones but there are some other versions of android on which it remains active on. There are speculations that it only works when the phone is on a diagnostic mode, but still there are many rumors circulating over this story.

What is Carrier IQ?

Lets discuss that what carrier IQ is before I guide you on how to remove it from your iPhone. It’s a type of software that is installed in your handset so that it keeps track of your activities and sends that info to its servers. Actually it is installed to determine the speed at which your information travels through your wireless provider so that if it isn’t up to the standards they may increase their performance to satisfy your demands. Although it is maintained that carrier IQ is only used to keep a track of the performance of wireless networks, but if anything that you are doing on the mobile gets known to someone else, then this is a serious privacy and security breach.


How Did Carrier IQ Problem Start?

The confusion over Carrier IQ started in past week when examiner Trevor Eckhart put forward the information about a software that kept track of users and their information. Apple however stated that it would stop taking the help of carrier IQ in the near future but it did not put forward a clear timeline. The Electronic Frontier Federation (EFF) came to his guard when Carrier IQ sent Trevor Eckhart a letter for accusing Carrier IQ software as a key logger. However, due to the countless efforts of (EFF) Carrier IQ finally called it off and issued a statement of apology to Trevor Eckhart.

How to Get Rid of Carrier IQ?

To get rid of this menace on iPhone iOS 5 you should select Settings application, then go to “General,” then “About” and then “Diagnostics & Usage” at the lower screen. Touch “Don’t Send” so that the option is selected. Apple has also rejected the accusations that they haven’t been recording any data but many mobile phone companies have said the same. They said that they never recorded anything and never had any plans to do so.

Apple and Carrier IQ Future:

It is still unconfirmed that when will the Apple get rid of this Carrie IQ menace because if the speculations are true then this means that the privacy of the people is in serious jeopardy and the things people trust on will no longer be trusted for they buy these things as they have loads of trust on it and if the very things that they trust on reveal their identity or privacy then it will both lose the trust of the people and also when their sales become shortened it will also devastate the economy of the company itself.

VPN is the Way to Go!

If Apple does not have plans of stopping the Carrier IQ service anytime soon, you should use a VPN service to encrypt all your online data. Therefore even if the company tries to record your data, all they will get are encrypted messages. VPN is the safest way to be safe until Apple decides to eliminate this flaw.

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