Fast and Free Tube Wi-Fi have Made Available in London

There was a time when home based broadband services in London used to run real slowly just like the old time trains. Free tube station of Wi-Fi has been developed for the Olympics which is eventually helping people of UK capital as they will get a good connection with faster speed.

In early June, Wi-Fi hotspots had turned on at several Tube Stations of London: Oxford Circus, Euston, King Cross and a good number of buzzed stations will receive free Internet service from Virgin Broadband Connection.

According to a survey, it has come to know that, the download speeds of different stations reveal that tourists and commuters have been enjoying better connection speeds than they usually get at home. At those tube stations, they get download speed at an average of 12.7Mb which is undoubtedly real fast connection speed. It will be good enough to watch Euro 2012 while avoiding pickpockets, and some of the live actions of future Olympics action while waiting for the train to come.

It is expecting that, the tourists will be impressed while staying for the Olympic event. As the connection speeds are quite good than usual household broadband connection which can lift up to 7.6Mb. For instance, Victoria can offer download speed at an average of 13.53Mb, and Euston station can offer download speed at an average of 14.59Mb. Even though, it is still not sure whether the speed can remain like this or not when the Olympics will kick off.

Regardless some different opinions from the locals, the experts expect that, the ability of getting faster web connections at stations will be a popular feature for tourists. In addition, it is also being heard that, it will be free for one month when the tourists will stay in the city. Eventually, users in London will get the same old speed once the Olympic gets over.

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