British Government Will Fail to Meet Cookie Deadline

A deadline has been set for the cookie legislation, and it is going to take effect within a week. Even though, the majority of the government controlled websites are not going to implicate within its own deadline, and it has been stated by the cabinet office. According to the 2011 European directive, it has been ruled that all British websites have to meet guidelines for cookies where users need put their personal records. The time has given up to 26th may, 2012 by the Informative Commissioner.

The government had to face the reality as it is a lengthy process to meet all guidelines provided by the Information Commissioner’s office. The government is trying to accomplish their work as soon as possible. Many private sectors have already failed to complete their work on time just like government sectors. Most of the departments have been failed utterly to meet up the deadline.

British Government

It was obvious that, the ICO was not impressed by the government execution, and their ignorance towards the completion of tasks. It had turned to be same like other private sectors. But it is quite unfortunate to see the government work as they always offer a strong commitment in every sector to make suitable changes. In 2011, ED Vaizey, the communication minister had given his assistance to the directive while announcing that, they would consider next 1 year to meet up all guidelines. After the guidelines had released in the year of 2011, the ICO said that, it would not be good for anyone who would not complete the deadline. The government was being expected for a better approach than previous occasions.

Nevertheless, ICO deadline will be finished in next week. Yet, there has not been any significant movement by both private and public sectors. The ICO may need to change its approach. The Open Right Group has mentioned that, the recent mismanagement in the field of cookie legislation has occurred due to lack of clarity from the respective authorities. This incidence did show about total mismanagement and remarkable reluctance by the authorities. However, this sort of policy has already created great concern for the general Internet user as they will be asked before collecting detailing information, and sharing in various sides where they might not even expected.

The Open Rights Group also thinks that, one of the major problems of the government is the lack of ability to clarify the whole situation. It should be able to clarify some aspects like where the information will be given and in what purpose. Obviously, these sort of actions need to run for a long period of time to see the desired outputs. However, many questions related to the cookie compliance are mostly exaggerated in reality as there are not many cases where analytics would help properly. If the government would ask Google to help out about blocking this information to be shared, Google would have done pretty easily.

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