A Brief Guide to VPN Server Issues

If you’re in the process of choosing a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, provider, you may already have discovered that the servers you will have access will be a large factor in how well the service will work for you. If you only have access to one or two, or they’re not in the right place to help you get to the content you’re looking for, then you will be making a bad investment, and we’re sure you’d rather not find yourself in that position. To help you avoid it, we’ve asked our experts for advice on the most common VPN server issues to pay attention to.

Is the Number of Servers an Issue?

It may not seem as though you need to pay attention to the number of VPN servers a company has, but that’s not actually true. You’ll only be accessing one server at a time, but unless you only need that one server at all times, you’ll want to know that you have a variety of possibilities in lots of different countries. Even if you’re not worried about connecting to a number of different servers, the amount that a company owns is indicative of how successful it is and how much you can rely on them staying in business.

Do I Need to Pay Attention to Where My VPN Servers are Located?

As mentioned above, the more places that a provider has servers located, the more access you will have to content from around the world and the more chance you have of finding a server that works when you are hoping to bypass censorship issues. If possible, it helps to find a provider who has servers on every individual continent and in lots of different cities and countries.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

There’s one final consideration that you may want to bear in mind to do with VPN server issues. If you choose a VPN service with servers in certain countries or cities, you might be subject to stronger laws. Servers in the United States, for example, are subject to guidelines that might not allow you to file share or perform other activities while using your VPN. It is important to investigate this before selecting your VPN provider.

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Can We Help You?

Our experts have investigated the VPN server issues that you might encounter and have identified the best VPN providers with a high number of servers in good locations. These VPN providers will help you avoid VPN server issues without having to do too much research for yourself – we know how boring that can be. You’ll find their top choices of VPN provider in the comparison table below:

Rank Provider
Starting Price MoneyBack
Visit Website
ExpressVPN $8.32/month 30 Days visit expressvpn site
2 VyprVPN $14.95/month 7 Days visit vyprvpn site
3 IPVanish $10.00/month 7 Days visit IPvanish Site
4 Hidemyass $6.55/month 30 Days visit Hidemyass site
5 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn site
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