How to Watch BBC iplayer in Netherlands

Whether you are in the Netherlands on vacation or visiting for a business trip, or you’ve emigrated from the United Kingdom recently and are missing the creature comforts of home, the BBC has programming that you we’re sure you’ll be keen to keep up with. Whether you need to know what the Mitchells are up to now on Eastenders or you’re completely addicted to Doctor Who, you might be interested to know that there are ways to access all the shows you love on the BBC iPlayer, even while you’re in the Netherlands.

The BBC iPlayer is an online video portal that was created to store and provide internet access to recent episodes of all the BBC’s most popular shows. Most of them will be available to watch for a limited time after the episode was originally aired, while others can be found on the iPlayer from the very beginning to the latest series. Although the BBC iPlayer not usually accessible outside the United Kingdom, you can still use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to keep up with your soap operas and reality shows.

How Does A VPN Help Me Watch The BBC iPlayer From The Netherlands?

The problem with trying to access the iPlayer from the Netherlands is that, obviously, it’s not within the borders of the United Kingdom. These days, there are very strict international laws in place to prevent broadcasters from offering their streaming services outside their home countries, and the iPlayer is subject to these laws. Because of this, the iPlayer has been designed to check your IP address when you try to log on and deny you access if it discovers you’re outside the United Kingdom. Fortunately, you can still use a VPN to watch the BBC iPlayer from the Netherlands, because it’s a service that includes a very important detail: a new IP address.

What Does A VPN Do To Make The BBC iPlayer Accessible In The Netherlands?

Your VPN service will wrap your internet traffic in an encrypted tunnel and take it to a server. When you’re using a VPN to watch the BBC iPlayer from the Netherlands, you’ll want to select a service with servers located in the United Kingdom and select those servers to connect through. This is because the server will replace your IP address with one that matches the country in which it’s located, hiding your own IP address completely and making the iPlayer believe you’re in the United Kingdom and able to stream its shows.

It’s as simple as that, and we’ve made it even easier by asking our experts to select the very best available VPN providers for you in comparison tables below:

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