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VPN4All is a personal VPN service that performs the encryption of all the data you send and receive through the internet and tunnels it by way of one of its secure server locations. It conceals your IP address and protects you from third party snoopers and other types of online intruders. In this VPN4All VPN review, we have discussed the various features offered by this provider.

Features of VPN4All

Easy VPN Connection:

  • Easy to connect and disconnect: This personal VPN is not only 100% secure and powerful, but also saves time and is easy to use. This simply means that you need not worry about setting up a VPN connection anymore. With VPN4All VPN connection, you can enjoy easy access to all the secure VPN servers of the provider around the globe as well as connect and disconnect to your VPN network with a single click.
  • Easy to alter your IP address: VPN4All VPN service allows you to obtain access to a wide array of more than 1000 IP addresses from different servers located in more than 30 countries and over 80 cities around the globe. Every time you use the VPN to connect to the internet, the provider’s system assigns a new local anonymous IP address randomly from a location of your choice. You can change this randomly assigned anonymous IP address very easily: all you need to do is just click on the Change IP button and the provider will assign you a different IP address from the vast group of IP addresses.

Privacy Online


Easy Selection of VPN Server:

  • Clear server indication: In an aim to design and offer a pro-grade VPN service to even the least tech savvy computer users, VPN4All makes it easy to connect to one VPN server after another within few seconds. The smart and powerful software interface of VPN4All VPN automatically notifies you about the server locations that are currently available and unavailable, real-time server load, the fastest server from your list of servers, permission for P2P traffic, and enables you to set and make use of your favorite server locations and also your personal fixed IP address.
  • Fastest server: With the VPN4All personal VPN service, you no longer have to worry about encountering slow downloading, streaming and VOIP. The VPN service is designed in such a way that you enjoy all the services of the internet at a faster pace. You can use the real-time server load indicators and see from the list of servers in your software to know about which server can currently provide you the best speed.
  • Note your favorite server: With more than 80 server locations around the world, it would be difficult for you to remember your favorite VPN4All server locations. But, the smart interface of the VPN software enables you to easily note down your favorite server location from the drop-down list of your VPN4All VPN software as favorite.

IP Change in Just One Click

  • Forced IP change: When you use the VPN service offered by VPN4All, you are not only allowed to choose IP addresses from over 80 locations worldwide, but also allowed to change your IP address whenever you like, with just a single click.
  • Scheduled auto IP change: The “Auto IP Change” option on the VPN software allows you to attain a new IP address in any location you desire every few minutes. This can be done by setting a time interval in the Auto IP Change option in the software’s Options menu.

Advanced Security Options:

  • Bypass restricted firewalls: The VPN service establishes a direct link of network between your software and its server which is basically more secure than other usual VPN connections, and enables you to bypass restricted firewalls, provided there is a minimum of one open port.
  • Add a proxy: In order to obtain complete online anonymity, you are allowed to add an independent HTTPS, SOCKS or HTTP proxy to your VPN connection. When the proxy is enabled, it acts as a mediator between your VPN4All VPN software and the web services you are trying to access, thus providing a safe and secure passage for your data without disclosing your real IP address.

Beneficial VPN Automations:

  • Auto launch and connect at startup: For those of you who wish that your VPN4All application stays open and connected every time you switch on your device, the VPN software launches and connects automatically at startup.

24×7×365 Customer Support

  • Customer service with rapid response: VPN4All VPN offers great support to its customers. The company’s support team aims at providing friendly, fast, up-to-date and in-depth responses to all your email inquiries within a couple of hours, all days of the week. As a user of VPN4All VPN service, you will definitely benefit from its rapid responses to your inquiries, not just by email, but also through its live chat option. The provider also makes use of TeamViewer.com to help less computer savvy customers in resolving the hardest technical issues and enjoy the most out of its products.

Plans and Pricing

Next on out VPN4All VPN review is the pricing details. Following chart displays the various plans and their respective pricing offered by VPN4All VPN provider.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan whenever you wish. VPN4All VPN provider also offers you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all plans. In addition, all plans also include:

  • No restrictions in speed.
  • Free and unlimited server and IP switching.
  • Access to all the premium server locations of the provider.
  • An extra fixed IP with every account.
  • Military-Grade encryption, ensuring ultimate online privacy, security and anonymity.
  • Instant download and activation.

With so many outstanding features, VPN4All VPN service has over 30,000 happy customers worldwide and is trusted by individuals and businesses alike.

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