VPN setup for iPad

VPN service is being used by internet users all over the world in order to meet out their standard requirements. Virtual Private Network would provide loads of features to the subscribers, and from a subscriber’s point of view, they could obtain all the features provided by the VPN by setting up VPN on their device. In this case, VPN setup for iPad would help all the iPad users to connect to VPN without having any trouble.

Internet users would be in need of security, anonymity, accessibility, better internet network and much more, and all of these features can be obtained by the internet user with the help of Virtual Private Network. Section below provides the VPN setup for iPad.

VPN setup for iPad

The procedure for setting up would be slightly different with respect to the type of VPN network provided by the service provider. Depending upon the type of protocol, the setup procedure would differ i.e. PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, Open VPN, SSTP etc. The difference is only a minor one and it would not make a huge difference for a subscriber. VPN setup for iPad for PPTP and L2TP is given.

Before initiating the setup process, subscribers should possess all the account credentials with them. Account details such as username, password, server address, server name, type of protocol network provided by the VPN, encryption bit type etc. should be obtained from the service provider. All these parameters would be provided to the subscriber by the respective VPN service provider in the form of a welcome email. Subscribers should make sure that the account details are kept confidential and not share it with others.

  • Select ‘Settings’ app which would be displayed in the Home screen of the iPad.
  • Under Settings, click on the option ‘General’.
  • Furthermore, select the option ‘Network’ under the option of general.
  • In the Network page, select the option of ‘VPN’ and further select, ‘Add VPN Configuration’ to start creating a new VPN connection for iPad.
  • In the Next page, choose the type of protocol network provided by the service provider. Choose ‘L2TP’ if the internet network protocol offered by the service provider is L2TP and similarly, choose PPTP or IPSec according to the provided network.
  • After choosing the type of protocol, enter all the fields given under each of those options.
  • Description name should indicate the name of the VPN connection.
  • Server address should be the exact same server address provided by the VPN service provider.
  • Account name should be filled with the username provided by the service provider.
  • Password should be entered correctly. Subscribers should change the password and make it a stronger one in order to prevent the occurrence of any form of hacking or snooping.
  • It is mandatory to set the option of ‘Send All Traffic’ to ON position.
  • In the case of ‘PPTP VPN’, field of Encryption level should be kept in ‘Auto’ position. L2TP VPN subscribers should enter the field of ‘Secret’ using a secret code word which they alone would know.
  • Click on ‘Save’ after completing the above steps.
  • Click on ‘Home’ button and select ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘VPN’ and click on the name of the VPN connection that has been setup just now and then, set VPN to ‘ON’ position.
  • As a result of this, the connection would be established and the subscriber would be able to make use of the VPN connection to perform all their internet activities.

VPN subscribers who are using iPad mostly as a tool for performing internet activities would now know VPN setup for iPad.

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