How a VPN can Protect you on Wi-Fi Networks?

Wi-Fi hotspots are now covering almost every nook and corner of any major international city. When the technology was new, people used to travel to specific hotels or places to get free Wi-Fi connectivity but the technology has now become very cheap and so is easily available. Many times when you go to the office, you might think about sending that one Email you missed last night or just logging in the internet for something important that you want to get. For that many people will get coffee and sit on a bench and use public Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Public Wi-Fi – A Dangerous Place for your Data!

Public Wi-Fi is a blessing if you need immediate internet access but it can also become a very dangerous place some times. A Wi-Fi hotspot with lousy security is not a very tough thing to hack and any professional will be in there collecting everyone’s data in just 5 minutes. This kind of breach of privacy becomes a big threat especially if you are using a public hotspot to send some confidential information. Not only can this information be easily captured, but it can also be used against you. This means that either you stop using the Wi-Fi hotspots altogether or get some kind of protection that help you against any such attacks.

Protect Wi-Fi Networks

Use VPN and Maintain Excellent Security while Using a Public Wi-Fi:

Today you are going to know about an amazing service that will not only protect your data at a public hotspot but also give you a lot of other benefits. This is known as a Virtual Private Network. As the name might already tell you, it makes your connection with the remote PC as if you are accessing it on the same LAN. As there is very low chance of interception of data between two LAN PCs by an external party that is not a part of the same LAN so this is a very safe arrangement.

How VPN keeps you safe while using a Public Wi-Fi?

Virtual Private Networks work by establishing an encrypted tunnel between your PC and the destination. So even if someone tries to access you data stream, all he will see is encrypted data to a location abroad. This will make your browsing very safe. This is of great importance when you are sending or receiving critical data whose security cannot be compromised. VPN also encrypts your IP address so no one will be able to trace back any data to you or to your PC. Another great benefit of the VPN service is that it can also run on tablets and mobile phones. This means that even an Email that you send from your phone does not have to be unsecured and you can be sure of its security

Best VPN Service Providers:

There are tons of VPN Service providers around the world but there are only a few that provide top quality services at a very affordable rate. Please see below our list of top VPN service providers. We guarantee that the providers on this list will provide you the best VPN services you have ever used!

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