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Websites, video streaming sites and everything you find online can be viewed only from a particular country or location. This is because of the countless forms of restrictions like geo-restriction, firewall, censorship etc. all of which block an individual from accessing their favorite websites. Although Britain has announced its exit from EU, there are many UK nationals living in various parts of Europe and abroad. All these people will not be able to stay in touch with their favorite contents online. One could easily bypass these restrictions and access all their favorite contents using a VPN service.

British TV access

TV broadcasting and communications streams are local to a particular country or region only. All video streaming companies are required to obtain the necessary broadcasting and video streaming licenses from the respective government without which they cannot stream within that particular country. UK nationals traveling overseas and the country expats who are residing in other nations cannot access UK websites.

UK based video streaming platforms such as BBC and other television programs are much sought after by many people all over the world. Sports streaming, live TV series, concerts and many more programs are loved by people across many nations. Virtual private network is the best resource through which one can access all these UK contents from any part of the world. You may think of using the services of a DNS or proxy service but all those are not as reliable as the one you’d get from a vpn.

Private access

Internet users are always looking to get a private and secure internet network connection. It is very difficult to obtain a such a secure internet connection but a vpn provides exactly that. Modern day vpn companies use top notch security parameters to safeguard your internet activity and data. 256-bit AES encryption provides maximum encryption which should be more than enough to protect your network.

There are companies offering 128-bit encryption based network too which are also reliable. Protocol based network connection is also one of the key factors that determine the level of security a VPN would provide. Finding a vpn that actually works on SSTP/OpenVPN protocol network is better because it provides maximum security. PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and other types of protocols also provide enough security but with minor flaws.

VoIP communication

Expats, tourists, business professionals and other UK nationals living abroad can communicate with their loved ones using VoIP services. But this service is banned in few countries and if you are living in one such nation then you won’t be able to communicate with your friends, family and loved ones. You can find out vpn companies that specialize in providing exceptional VoIP specific services.

Also you should note than when searching for the best vpn service provider, you must make sure to find the right company. VPNs offering services to unblock UK contents can be rated based on various feature specification and is quite difficult to find the best one of them all. Our team of experts have analyzed all these vpn services and have shortlisted the best in the below section.

Best 5 VPN

The table below contains a list of the best 5 VPNs offering exception service for UK focused subscribers.

Rank Provider
Starting Price MoneyBack
Visit Website
ExpressVPN $6.67/month 30 Days visit expressvpn site
2 VyprVPN $14.95/month 7 Days visit vyprvpn site
3 IPVanish $10.00/month 7 Days visit IPvanish Site
4 Hidemyass $6.55/month 30 Days visit Hidemyass site
5 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn site
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