StrongVPN Warns of Hotel Hippo Breach

The online hotel booking service Hotel Hippo was recently breached by cybercriminals. At first the service paid no mind to the warnings from Pentest Ltd. employee Scott Helme. They soon realized something was in fact wrong, and soon after, shut down the service permanently. Hotel Hippo leaked users’ phone numbers, booking details and names. Top VPN StrongVPN warns that this could happen to any number of other online booking websites or indeed any site.

Protect Your Information Online

Without additional online protection, we are all vulnerable to a myriad of cybercriminal threats. Online payment is one popular target because it can give attackers instant reward as well as future revenue. Stolen credit card numbers can be used immediately while names can be sold to identity thieves and names and phone numbers can be used to open fraudulent accounts.

The security flaw on the Hotel Hippo website was a very simple one. Simply by manipulating the URL, anyone could view customers accounts. Booking confirmations did not properly authenticate users. The company ignored Helme until BBC reported the issue. Then operator HotelStayUK announced that tey were shutting down the site. They claim that only 24 users were affected.

StrongVPN urges Internet users to be more careful about the websites that they use. Naturally there are many small companies that people prefer for different reasons. But the security of these sites is often questionable. People may get good deals and experience more convenience on these sites, but they need to protect their sensitive data. Using credit cards and having account information stored by these websites is very dangerous. Anonymous payment methods or cash deposits are much safer even though they may be less convenient to use. And to avoid being tracked by attackers and becoming future victims of phishing scams, users should always shield themselves with a VPN.


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