StrongVPN and Privacy Badger

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has just announced that they have a new privacy tool. The tool is called Privacy Badger and it is designed to block online tracking. Together with a powerful privacy VPN such as StrongVPN, users can take back control over their data to make sure it stays private.

Privacy Plugin Plus VPN Protection

The EFF’s new Privacy Badger is still in the beta testing phase, but is a very promising tool. The plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox. What this tool does is to identify and block any embedded content and ads that can be used or are designed specifically to secretly track the online activity of a person. Most websites use these types of trackers because it is how they make money. They may not all want to spy on people to sell their personal data to marketers. But they want to know at the very least how their websites are being used so they know what people want. This lets them know what people want to keep them satisfied and coming back for more, so this is what they serve up.

Privacy Badger is not your typical ad blocker because it focuses more on protecting privacy rather than just blocking ads. The EFF has a very strong stance against invasions of privacy, like our top VPN providers. The point is to prevent any trackers that can violate Internet users’ privacy. Privacy Badger takes care of website adware and malware. Together with a tool like StrongVPN, users are protected from all angles when using these websites. Moreover, when people use Privacy Badger, they encourage companies to honor Do Not Track requests. Most companies ignore these because it is profitable for them to track users. When people block their trackers, they are encouraged to ask users’ permission before monitoring their website activities.


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