Sophos Cyber Security Contest

Sophos is a large security company in the UK that has launched a competition to find people who have a knack for cyber security. The competition is part of the Cyber Security Challenge UK series of competitions. Participants will get to join online security challenges in which they will set their minds against other potential cyber security geniuses. Top VPN pick StrongVPN supports this challenge as it encourages people to be more aware of the security issues we face and to test their courage to fight against threats.

The Challenge

The contestants will face different scenarios where they will fight simulated cyber threats. One challenge asks them to hack into a criminal’s hardware and uncover his or her identity. These tests are not all fun and games to see who is the best. The contest is a collection of tasks that test all the skills that someone needs to have to be an expert in the field of cyber security. The contest is also a venue where talented individuals can experience what facing a real cyber threat would be like. The challenges are also based on current threats, so the competition is very relevant to today’s cyber security issues and needs.


Winners of the contest will get to join real UK cyber security teams in secret bases and get to work on ongoing cyber security investigations with the teams. The contest therefore helps the UK to spot the most promising future counter-terrorism talents who can put their superior hacking skills to good use helping fight cyber terrorism in the region.

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