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ExpressVPN, one of our favorite top VPNs, has just added a new server location to their network. This is good news for all our Kiwi friends as this server will give people secure and easy access to all those blocked websites. The server is available to all ExpressVPN Android, Mac and Windows users.

Geoblocks No More

New Zealand residents and expats alike will love the new ExpressVPN server. There are lots of IP blocks that are location based, and they plague people from both sides, and this VPN server will solve this problem on both ends. It’s great for people in New Zealand who need to access content restricted to people who are in other countries. And it is equally great for people outside New Zealand who need access to local content. ExpressVPN has a neat selection of VPN servers around the world that aim to provide access to a wide variety of users. A lot of New Zealand IP addresses are blocked to outsiders and also from accessing outside content. ExpressVPN can open up access to most of these sites in one go.

New Zealand has an ISP called Slingshot that went public with their homegrown VPN service Global Mode. The service, free to all Slingshot subscribers, has been under fire since it was opened to users. Recently, the general manager of Slingshot admitted that Global Mode was created so New Zealanders can watch Netflix. This is a great service and the honesty is admirable. But Global Mode is only available to Slingshot subscribers. ExpressVPN is open to all New Zealand Internet users, and will protect Internet activities from even their Internet service providers.

Telecom New Zealand is planning to open up its own video service and charge users 15 New Zealand dollars a month. And Netflix might be coming to Australia very soon. But having a tool like ExpressVPN always brings more and better advantages for content access, privacy and security than any single one of these services.Demand 5

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