iVPN Identifies Worst Anti-Privacy Politicians

Once again iVPN has come out with their list of politicians who are toxic to the online privacy movement. This privacy VPN lists four top offenders who are against online privacy.

Top Anti-Privacy Politicians

The four politicians below are those who are working hardest to rob us of the little online privacy we have, and to ruin our chances of gaining better privacy on the web. They rallied behind CISPA and hate Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on government surveillance. They continue to back all efforts to limit our online freedoms and encourage increased online spying.

1. Mike Rogers – He is the bossman of the anti online privacy team, the author of CISPA. This Republican Congressman loves government spying and says that if people don’t know their privacy is being violated then it’s not happening. He thinks people should be happy that they are being surveilled by the NSA. He wants Snowden’s head on a spike so bad that he said he’d pay for airfare back to the US. iVPN hopes that his plans to retire next year push through.
2. Diane Feinstein – She is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. This Democrat is a lot less outspoken than Rogers, but is equally dangerous to inline privacy. Her sneaky statements about the problems of government surveillance throw some people off. But make no mistake, she is moving steadily against online privacy. She backed PRISM when it hit the press, and tried to get CISA passed, the new and even more sinister form of CISPA. She was also a driving force behind FISA which has permitted the government to conduct secret data gathering programs. Of course, she complains when the CIA spies on her office.
3. Howard Coble – He has always voted in support of laws that hurt the Internet although as an octogenarian he comprehends little of what the legislation means. He supported CISPA and is responsible for the notorious censorship-like DMCA that curtails freedoms of expression. This Congressman also pushed the NET Act so that people could be easily brought to court for copyright violations.
4. Lamar Smith – He is responsible for SOPA, the piracy bill that angered the whole world. This Republican Congressman is a poster child for Big Brother. He brought the FISA Amendment Act to the table so the NSA could have more power to spy on people. He also tried to do the same with DCMA to allow police to wiretap people who used file sharing sites. He voted against the move to limit NSA spying powers last year even when most of his fellow Texan reps supported curbing NSA spying powers.


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