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We came across a very nice personal review of iVPNfrom a user who happens to be a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He brought up some very nice points from the perspective of someone who is very keen on security. We agree on the details of what a user should look for in a VPN service. Below is how iVPN rates against this criteria.

For people who spend a lot of time at places that offer free WiFi, iVPN provides a good level of security. WiFi at airports, cafes and hotels may be secured by passwords, but these are easily obtainable. Hence, the connection is not as secure as people believe it to be. People who travel a lot end up using whatever Internet connections they can find. This is not by choice but because it is necessary for them to stay connected. And public hotspots are the only places they can conveniently use, though they are notoriously dangerous. Using a VPN like iVPN is the best way to secure Internet communications at such places. The third is the level of security offered by the provider’s payment systems, and the degree of privacy in terms of subscribers’ personal details.

Truly Security and Privacy Oriented VPN Providers

iVPN and similarly security-focused VPN services like ExpressVPN and IAPS Security VPN are best for people who have privacy and security as their top priorities. A careful review of different VPN providers’ terms of service reveals a lot about how much attention they really pay to their subscribers’ privacy. The strength of the privacy laws in the country that the VPN operates out of is another consideration. Many VPNs have been strong-armed into revealing user data to government and private entities because the law does not give them enough power to protect user privacy.Company statements and associations with organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation are also signs of strong convictions with regard to privacy. For security, the VPN provider who cares about user security will offer OpenVPN, the latest and greatest in VPN security technology. Along with OpenVPN comes support for UDP and TCP for use behind more restrictive firewalls, and options for 256-bit encryption. The ability to tweak setting to avoid DNS leaks is another sign of high VPN security consciousness.

A VPN service is no longer a convenience or a perk but a necessity, particularly for people who move around a lot, whether it is for business or pleasure. Travelers are more vulnerable because they often use mobile devices to connect to the Internet. Mobile devices do not have the level of security support that desktops do. Mobile operating systems have security holes. They are also vulnerable to infected apps that many users need to download to enhance their performance as tools for work and general communication.A good VPN will provide support for not only the latest OS versions, but also older OS versions and modified devices such as rooted Androids. With spying, snooping and hacking so prevalent around the world, the key is that the VPN provides security and privacy for all online activities.


The Other Perks of Using a Secure VPN Service

This is not to say that a using VPN doesn’t have its perks. The secondary advantages of having a secure personal VPN are complete anonymity, flexibility, and speed. A secure VPN service works hard to shield the user from any attempts to find and read data sent form the user’s device. This is done for security purposes, but it happens to give users a great degree of freedom online. The user’s IP address is hidden and so the user cannot be traced or monitored. The flexibility of a good VPN service allows users to jump from one server to another. This enhances security, of course, but allows broader access to content that would otherwise be inaccessible. The flexibility also pertains to device use. Subscribers of a good VPN can use the VPN on any device they own, whether a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or other Internet-enabled device. Speed is essential for minimizing the time which determined snoopers have to try and steal data from a traffic stream. The faster your data travels, the less chance they have of catching any. Users easily take advantage of this high speed connection to make their Internet experience more enjoyable.

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