IPVanish Wireless Security Tips

IPVanish is a very good VPN for Wi-Fi security. But using a VPN alone is not enough to stay safe from the various attacks that are launched against Internet users on a daily basis. IPVanish shares the following tips on staying safe while using Wi-Fi so that maximum security levels can be achieved.

Proper Setup and Use

The first big vulnerability in using Wi-Fi is not setting up the router properly. Home networks and public hotspots can be easily targeted by criminals because people fail to take the first steps to secure their networks. As soon as Wi-Fi is set up, system administrators need to change the default usernames, passwords and SSID that are given by the provider. Once logged in to the interface, the username and password can be easily changed to a unique combination of letters, numbers and symbols that cannot be guessed. The SSID can also be changed to something different than the default. This is not a security measure, but deters hackers because it signals that steps have been taken to protect the network. When Wi-Fi is not in use, the SSID can also be easily set to not broadcast so that the channel is closed to anyone trying to use the connection to steal information.

The second valuable tip for Wi-Fi security is not allowing your devices to connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks. These hotspots are not secure and can allow hackers to gain entry without users even knowing what has happened. In line with this is the use of firewalls and antivirus software. VPNs can help people stay safe from attacks by masking their identities and connections, but leaving a device on an open network without protection from malicious software is asking for trouble.

IPVanish Security

To help users stay more secure, IPVanish is working on beefing up security for L2TP users. iOS and Mac users will also soon experience better connectivity with upcoming updates. iOS 8 devices like the iPhone 6 will be getting IKEv2 support as well to take care of any VPN issues. L2TP users may experience connection problems for a short time during the upgrade. OpenVPN and PPTP users are not affected.IPVanish

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