iOS 8 Privacy from Police Snooping Via ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has shared the news of Apple’s successful block on law enforcement snooping with iOS 8. ExpressVPN is a staunch supporter of user data privacy, providing powerful 256-bit encryption and strong OpenVPN for their users. They are therefore naturally happy with the success of iOS 8 in preventing unauthorized intrusion by law enforcement agencies.

iOS 8 Privacy Features

The iPhone 6 launch with the new iOS 8 was a success, all things considered. There have been some issues with the new operating system which Apple is scrambling to fix. What piqued the interest of privacy advocates, however, are its privacy features. Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirmed that Apple has sincere dedication to preserving user privacy after we all found out that the company was participating in the NSA’s secret spying activities. We can now see some of this in their new OS.

Cook’s message on the Apple website’s privacy page explained that Apple does not make money off user data, but only from product sales. The company’s privacy policies have recently reflected this, and now we have iOS 8 that works to block unauthorized data searches on Apple devices. ExpressVPN has also pointed out the features of the new website, something that other news pieces have missed. The privacy policy is clear and simple, and contains the pledge to include yearly updates. The website also has tips for users that they can follow to increase security.

The best effort of Apple has gone into iOS 8. Cook announced that all users upgrading top the latest operating system would enjoy passcode protection on all data. This means that not only messages and files will be secured, but also call logs, contacts, reminders and notes. Cook assured users that even the company could not access user data because the passcode cannot be bypassed. This is great news for the privacy conscious users who want a guarantee that the government can no longer spy on them. Apple is no longer able to give any data to agencies that request it because it no longer has access. This zero knowledge policy has long been applied by other companies, and ExpressVPN is very happy to hear that a tech giant is finally adopting it.Privacy Online

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