How to Setup Mac VPN

As we all know, the number of internet transactions that happen every single day is very high. With such high numbers of communications and data send over the web, the risk of being prone to data fraud is very high. This is where a VPN connection comes into effect. A Virtual Private Network, shortly termed as VPN, would provide the security that an internet user would require for all the communications that happen over the web. A VPN would act as a secure pathway between the laptop or a mobile and the server over which the user would surf the internet. This particular tunnel would work in such a way that a hacker or snooper would not be able to break through the system. By this way, all the data of the person are kept safe and secure. Security would be the most important aspect for those who mostly utilize public Wi-Fi for viewing their mails and bank accounts. Setup Mac VPN would prove to be a vital factor.

Business professionals, entrepreneurs, tourists and people who travel a lot would not only make use of internet outside their comfort zone, but they are the ones who would perform financial transactions and send confidential data, and so they are the ones who must definitely use a VPN service in order to be safe. If the financial details of an individual or an organization lands in the wrong hands, then they would face a major disaster of losing all their valuable cash and files. Remote secure access would be the most important benefit of a VPN service. An encrypted data communication would be established through a VPN service and as a result of this, all the data that get transferred over the server would be protected by an encryption process.

As far as Mac users are concerned, it is very simple to connect to a VPN service. Mac OS has a built-in setup for connecting to a VPN. It is necessary to choose the best VPN service provider amongst all the service providers. Another aspect to look for in a VPN service is whether the provider has servers located in different countries, to obtain utmost convenience.

Setup Mac VPN

Before beginning the procedure to Setup Mac VPN, the user should be aware of few important parameters. VPN server address of the provider should be noted down. It would be mainly in the form of a domain name. Username, password and other manual entry details pertaining to the service opted by the user should be noted. This is important because only then, one would be able to establish a VPN connection. Another factor to note is the type of VPN connection. Mainly there are two VPN connections, namely L2TP and PPTP, for Mac.

Complete procedure to Setup Mac VPN is discussed further. Mac user should open the system preferences page and select the Network icon. In the lower left corner there would be a provision of “+” which should be clicked in order to setup the VPN connection. Upon clicking ‘+’, the user would be redirected to a new window wherein the person should select Interface option as VPN, VPN type to be VPN and the service name as either L2TP or PPTP, which depends on the type of VPN service opted by the user. The next step would be to select the Configuration and add a new configuration. Any name can be used; usually it is given the name as “Server 1”.

Mac VPN Providers

Server address of the VPN server should be entered in the space provided during the configuration stage. Username should also be entered and the next step would be to authenticate the setting and for this, password is mandatory. Password pertaining to the connection should be entered by the user. Status of the VPN connection would be displayed in the menu bar if the user selects the option of ‘Show VPN status in menu bar’. The final stage in the process would be to apply all the parameters by clicking on the Apply button. Now, the connection would be made successfully, provided all the parameters entered by the user are correct. This is how one would be able to Setup Mac VPN.

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