How To Prevent DOS And DDOS Attacks On Xbox Live

To effectively avoid DOS attacks, it helps to understand what exactly these attacks are. There are preventative measures that users can take to limit their exposure while online. There are also some tasks that you can choose to perform if you believe an attack has already taken place.

What Is A DOS Attack And Why Do I Need To Protect Myself?

A DOS, or Denail Of Service, attack is when a particular website or, in the case of Xbox Live, a service is severely limited or completely denied by use of malicious coding that floods the network. This flood chokes the input and output of a network, making it impossible for actual data to make it through. A DOS attack targets entire networks and as such it is impossible for the individual user to stop it from their end. IT professionals have access to tools to limit the disruption caused by a DOS attack but such an attack takes time to shut down. There are measures that individual users can take to minimize their risk and potential loss of sensitive information.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Xbox Live Is Suffering From A DOS Attack

The signs of a DOS attack are not always readily visible. In most cases the attack will outright shut the system down, but there can be less obvious attacks. These attacks will often manifest in the appearance of system lag and delayed input registry from the user. Xbox Live will appear to be static, characters will not move or their movement will be chopping and delayed. If the user notices this, they should phone their personal service provider, reset their router, and report the incident to Xbox Live through in-game support mechanics or via their support website.

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How To Prevent Data Loss During A DOS Attack On Xbox Live

Due to the nature of technology, there will always be those who seek to take advantage or abuse a system or technology most of the time for nothing more than that they enjoy it. Users will be pleased to know that their is a way to protect themselves and limit the damage done by these attacks. The use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network funnels a user’s internet connection through a secure server that assigns a new IP address. While hackers may gain access to this information, because it has gone through an encrypted tunnel the information will be useless. A VPN also helps stabilize a user’s internet connection, stopping fluctuations that can disrupt gameplay and connection to the network.

Top 5 VPN Providers

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