How “no log” VPN Services keep your Browsing Anonymous

When it comes to choosing a Virtual Private Network service, the most important question you should ask yourself is just how important your privacy and anonymity are to you. The degree to which a VPN will protect your privacy rests largely on whether it keeps a log of your activity as you use it.

How Do VPN Logs Endanger My Privacy?

If a VPN company keeps logs, it can be asked to show those logs to an interested party, should they be asked to do so through legal channels. For example, if you use torrents to download music, your VPN might be contacted by a music studio’s legal team. Even VPN users whose activity is absolutely legal at all times, in any country you could point to on the map, might want to reassure themselves that their information is not being recorded unnecessarily, making it potentially available to outside parties. In summary, all VPN services will keep your internet connections safe, but “no log” VPN services go the extra mile to offer complete protection of your privacy.

What Information Do Log VPN Service Providers Record?

Virtual Private Networks have a myriad of uses, from bypassing network filters and accessing web content normally restricted outside certain regions, to accessing social media sites in countries that block them or keeping your data safe when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Whatever your reason for signing up to a VPN provider, it will keep logs of your activity while browsing the internet. No matter how commendable your reasons for using a VPN, you probably don’t want outside parties to be able to access the logs of your activity, any more than you would want them to be able to if you weren’t using a VPN. So many industries are interested in your browsing preferences, whether to tailor the results you see on your search engine, send you offers through email or for governmental research.

How “no log” VPN Services keep your Browsing Anonymous

How Do I Choose a No-log VPN Provider?

If a Virtual Private Network provider doesn’t keep logs, they will tell you so – but there are other considerations you might want to think about when making your choice. If you’d rather not trust the word of the company, you might consider choosing a VPN provider in another country with a jurisdiction separate from your own. After all, it would be quite the hassle for a UK company to subpoena a VPN service located in Sweden.

Choosing a VPN is also one of those times when reading the dreaded Terms and Conditions section, as well as the privacy policy, is a very good idea. If a provider claims to not keep logs and to protect your privacy and anonymity, its terms, conditions and policies will tell you the exact lengths to which they’re prepared to go to do so.

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