Home Depot Faces Second Customer Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Home Depot has been filed in Canada. This is the second suit filed against the home improvement retailer, the first being from an Illinois customer.

The First Case

Kelsey O’Brien of Illinois sued Home Depot two weeks ago for compensation over losses suffered sue to the recent data breach. He is also asking for class action status and credit card monitoring services to be shouldered by the retail chain. He also seeks punitive damages in response to Home Depot’s failure to secure customer data. O’Brien used his credit card at two separate Home Depot locations during the time that customer data was reported at risk by the store.

The Second Case

An Ottawa resident is also suing Home Depot after he found that $8,000 was fraudulently charged on his credit card. The card was also used at a Home Depot outlet, and days later, the card was rejected for going past the limit. He is aghast that the chain did not warn customers sooner about the breach which ended up affecting 56 million credit cards.

Home Depot has not commented on either suit, saying after the first filing that they are more concerned about securing their customers at this stage.Demand 5

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