HMA and Internet Connected Devices

The Internet of Things has surely made life more convenient and interesting for a lot of people. But it has also made life dangerous. There are big security gaps in today’s interconnectivity that put users at risk. Top VPNs on home connections such as that provided by HMA can help keep people safe.

Interconnected Devices Highly Vulnerable to Attacks

Both Hewlett Packard and McAfee Security as a Service have concluded that Internet connected devices pose a grave threat to users. Around 70% of the devices that we have in our homes are vulnerable to attacks. This is a 70% chance that our security can be breached because of the level of internet connectivity we enjoy.

Most of the devices that we own today are connected through wireless Internet, cloud links and mobile devices. Many other devices that we own today have tons of actuators, sensors and chips that can connect digitally via the Internet. We know about smart TVs and webcams and phones. But there are a ton of new household devices that can also connect to the Internet. Think about digitally controlled garage openers, water sprinklers, and alarm systems. These systems are all at risk of being attacked. The security vulnerabilities include holes in software, privacy, encryption, passwrods, and web interfaces.

According to HP, 80% of the devices that they tested are privacy risks. The devices gather a ton of data, data that is not even useful to their functioning. Most of the tested devices were also not very strict about password protection. In many cases, an attacker could use a simple password reset option to gain access. Today we are well aware of the importance of data encryption. Few of the devices used encryption to secure data that was being sent by these devices over wireless connections. Wireless connections are notoriously open and unsecure. Now we have all these devices sending our sensitive data over connections without any data security. Plus, only 40% of device software updates were encrypted.

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People who have a VPN connection in their homes have better Internet security. A router flashed with this security software protects the connection from being easily accessed. Any device that is routed through this home connection can therefore be protected as well. A VPN provides data and traffic encryption a well as identity protection. Device manufacturers are being encouraged to provide better security to customers by these threat statistics. But people cannot wait for them to decide and implement.

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