China Raises The Great Firewall in Response to the Bo Xilai Scandal

The recent Bo Xilai Scandal in China has rocked the ruling communist party to its very roots. Many international and national news agencies have taken immense interest in the subject making it very hard for the Chinese government to figure a way out of this one. China has once again tried its best to keep its citizens in the dark so that they only believe what they see or hear on the national television.

What is Bo Xilai Scandal?

There are many people who are still not sure about what the scandal is. Bo Xilai is actually a famous and popular communist leader in Chongqing. He was expecting to get a good position in the Chinese government after the next elections. However, a few days ago the police chief of Chongqing, Wang Lijun was fired despite his good performance and popularity. Mr Wang then went to the US embassy to take refuge and apply for political asylum. However he was convinced by other party leaders to leave the embassy and later was arrested. The Chongqing city government tried to fool the Chinese population at this point by saying that Mr Wang was very ‘stressed due to excessive work’ and was given a holiday. This is of course false as he was being investigated.

After almost a month, the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned Bo Xilai in his comments unfavourably giving an indirect impression that he strongly disagreed with how the matter had been handled by Bo Xilai. After this Bo Xilai was removed from his position and he started keeping a low profile. 5 days after this incident a tape was revealed that showed that Bo Xilai was involved in the murder of UK based businessman Neil Heywood, who had died in Chongqing in November last year. This also explained that Mr Wang had got information about this incident and was removed by Bo Xilai for this reason.


Now Bo Xilai has been fired from the communist party position and his family has been taken into custody. His wife is being questioned by the Chinese authorities for possible participation in the crime. UK government has also said that they have asked Chinese government to look into the matter!

Censorship Following the Scandal:

We know that the Chinese government has always been conscious of any negative publicity of the communist party and has always tried everything in its power to keep the locals from getting any of the news that give a negative image of the party. This time too, numerous national and international websites discussing the Bo Xilai scandal were blocked and restrictions were imposed to keep the news as hidden as possible.

How to Get Around This Censorship?

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  1. Can you give some examples of international websites that have been blocked because or after the Bo Xi Lai scandal started unfolding?

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