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Privacy Online

Choosing a Fast VPN

Whether you want a VPN for online privacy, Internet security or content access, speed is always a top consideration. Choosing a fast VPN isn’t just about reading how many times ...

iVPN Identifies Worst Anti-Privacy Politicians

Once again iVPN has come out with their list of politicians who are toxic to the online privacy movement. This privacy VPN lists four top offenders who are against online privacy.

IPVanish Wireless Security Tips

IPVanish is a very good VPN for Wi-Fi security. But using a VPN alone is not enough to stay safe from the various attacks that are launched against Internet users on a daily basis. ...
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Home Depot Faces Second Customer Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Home Depot has been filed in Canada. This is the second suit filed against the home improvement retailer, the first being from an Illinois customer.
Privacy Online

iOS 8 Privacy from Police Snooping Via ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has shared the news of Apple’s successful block on law enforcement snooping with iOS 8. ExpressVPN is a staunch supporter of user data privacy, providing powerful 256-bit ...
Privacy Online

ExpressVPN Paymentwall, Bitcoin Trading Scandal

ExpressVPN users have been requesting more payment options, and the team has delivered. From Saturday, 14 new payment options have been made available for all ExpressVPN users, new ...

jCheap Cybercriminal Toolkits Encourage Chinese Hacker Activity

Cybercrime in China is on a new rise due to a slew of new and cheap toolkits available on the market. These tools have helped Chinese hackers execute more DDoS attacks and distribute ...

Hackers Exploit Ukraine Conflict to Steal Bitcoin

The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has gotten bad in a new way. Hackers are exploiting the clash, using it to steal bitcoin. It is the perfect circumstance to sneak malware ...
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New ExpressVPN Server Location

ExpressVPN, one of our favorite top VPNs, has just added a new server location to their network. This is good news for all our Kiwi friends as this server will give people secure and ...
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HMA and Internet Connected Devices

The Internet of Things has surely made life more convenient and interesting for a lot of people. But it has also made life dangerous. There are big security gaps in today’s interconnectivity ...
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