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In this article, I thought that I would explain about a subject which I
have come to find important to my time while living in the Middle East.
Even though our viewership is not as suppressed living here in Dubai as
the poor souls living in Tehran, I thought I would suggest a solution to
my problem that I have had which the residents in Tehran or other other
internet censored countries can use.

As we all know during our time working and living away from home,
communication to loved ones is our life line especially when the cost of
phone calls using local service providers are very expensive for
international phone calls.

After spending much time on the internet recently, I have spent time
researching alternative ways to communicate using VOIP providers that are
normally blocked in certain Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

Having a fast internet connection, but with Skype and other VOIP websites
blocked by my Internet Service Providers strict filters, I was struggling
to find a way of bypassing these restrictions to use these services.

After spending several hours researching the subject further (something of
which often gets discussed in varies Middle Eastern expat websites) and
trying to find the best way to use these VOIP services, this is the best
way to facilitate VOIP phone call.

At first I tried many proxy websites that have great claims to unblock all
your internet traffic but to date I have never found a proxy service that
will unblock all websites, but more importantly facilitate a VOIP call
from the Middle East to Europe. The only method that I have managed to
find that works well is via a VPN connection.

What is a Secure VPN connection?

VPN or what are commonly known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels,
are frequently used by corporations and government bodies, to allow remote
workers to make secure internet connections to the office network. VPN is
currently the most advanced form of anonymity and data security for use on
the Internet.

What website do I use?

After downloading a couple of paid VPN suppliers the best one I found are
called YouSAB Community VPN Messenger.
The reason why I believe that this is the best one for my needs, is
because of the features (that I copied from the website) that it has
below, which ticks all the requirements that I am looking for:

1. Prepaid card facility- I like this feature because as mentioned above,
the previous VPN suppliers that I used were only on yearly subscription
that after paying 50$ it was hard work getting configuration setting or
problems that I had with the service from technical support.
Vpnmessenger.com allows you purchase credit as low as 3 Euro, minimizing
the risk versus a yearly or monthly payment subscription.

2. No more using unsecure proxy websites. When your using free proxy lists
published on the internet be very careful when using these (in fact I
strong advise you stay well clear) as these sites could use your details
for their own purposes and at your great expense. Remember nothing in this
life is for free!
I also found that even when you use proxy sites certain ISP filtering
system can still identify your using VOIP protocol and even though you can
access websites like Skype the ISPs filtering system blocks you from using
the messenger to make a phone call.

3. Secure VPN Messenger VOIP service. This is the first service of its
kind to provide a VPN platform, which allows you to instant message and
speak to your contacts (PC-PC) using the messenger. The voice quality is
very good but sometimes it has a slight echo which I can personnel live
with, but overall for the cost it far exceeds my needs.

4. Unblocks all your favourite websites. People who are interested in
having a software that unblocks all your favourite websites this feature
will really appeal to you, because all websites will be opened to you,
even the UK TV websites that are blocked because your IP address is coming
from the Middle East.
What YouSAB Community VPN Messenger does is provide you with a different
IP address disguising your true country where you�re connecting

5. Software interface similar to MSN or Yahoo The vpn messenger inter
face is simple and easy and lacks all the whistles and bells that Yahoo
and MSN does (emotion icons etc), but for what I am using it for I am not
bothered. What is very good and allot better than Yahoo, is the fact that
you can transfer credit to and from your contacts which is very useful.

6. Total security solution I travel allot on business and I have become
really paranoid about connecting from WIFI hotspots (and for good reason)
and I always use this VPN messenger to connect to the internet and the
speed of the connection is good.

I hope that you will find this article of some interest to you if you are
in the same position as me in the Middle East. In fact there are allot of
members from the Middle East and China that will find this article very
helpful, due to the very strict government viewership.


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