Avoiding Internet Censorship in Vietnam

Internet censorship is a ban or blockade imposed on the websites. The ban is imposed by the government. If the government doesn’t want their citizens to view certain websites within their country, they would impose internet censorship bans on those sites and with this blockade in existence, the internet users of Vietnam would not be able to view the websites. Research conducted on Vietnamese internet network shows that, the government of Vietnam has imposed deadliest internet censorship practice of all. Most of the experts in this field state Vietnam to be the worst in the world with respect to internet freedom.

Government of Vietnam has imposed this ban with a view of preventing social activists from portraying or sharing their views in the public or to the people. From the Government’s end, they say that, they have imposed internet censorships mainly to defend against sexually explicit contents and the contents that offend religion and politics; the fact of the matter is, more than 70% of the social activists in the country have been arrested in order to prevent them from sharing their views to the public, but instead stating that, they have prohibited the Government laws. It is also found that internet censorship blockade has prevented the internet users of Vietnam from viewing foreign news, politics and other sensitive news happening in the world around them. This situation is like being cut off from the rest of the world.

Preventing unblocking techniques

The Government of Vietnam has also implemented steps to make sure that, the internet users of the country do not try to unblock these websites as well. Popular types of unblocking tools which include proxies and DNS servers are regularly blocked in the country i.e. for example a person using proxies to unblock access could not do so for a long period of time. The access can be unblocked only for a short period of time. In the end of all these restrictions, the blockade would only let the user to view contents that do not really have any importance. Most of the websites that do not have Vietnamese language or those who do not have any important contents would be allowed in the country.

Internet usage in Vietnam

Vietnam is the home for more than 2.5 million internet users. Internet Service Providers offer the network to these internet users. Almost all of these Internet Service Providers in the country work with the government and help them in imposing the blockade successfully. As a result of this, internet users of the country would be looking for an internet service that would help them unblock all forms of restrictions. Vietnam VPN is the best solution for the internet user. Let us look into how a Vietnam VPN comes to the rescue of Vietnam internet users.

Unblocking internet censorship

Although there are lot of techniques available for the internet user to unblock internet censorships, none of them are permanent. The only sustainable unblocking service is the Vietnam VPN. Many governments and agencies all over the world have tried and failed to block their internet users from using VPN to unblock access and that is the success of this service. All the different types of web-based restrictions make use of the IP address of the internet user to impose the ban. Internet censorship is no different from this and it identifies the identity of the internet user and imposes the ban.

In the case of Vietnam, the government body and the agencies of Vietnam block the contents to their Vietnam base internet users based on their Vietnamese IP. If the user is detected to possess Vietnamese IP, then the website which is being blocked by internet censorship cannot be accessed by them. To bypass this restriction, the Vietnamese IP holder should replace their IP into the one which would provide them access. Vietnam VPN would hide the original IP address and replace it with the IP address that would grant accessibility of the sites. This is how Vietnam VPN helps in unblocking internet censorships.

How does a Vietnam VPN work?

Vietnam VPN service providers would have servers operating in countries that would have no or limited online restrictions. Thus, when the Vietnam based internet user connects to this server, they would gain access to the websites they require without facing any blockade. The working process is simple; when the VPN subscriber connects to the VPN server their original IP address would be hidden and would be replaced with a new IP address. This change in the IP address would be provided by the VPN service provider.

With the original identity being hidden, the internet user cannot be traced on the internet. Internet censorship would not affect the user in any means and even the government cannot have a check on their internet activity. This is a proven fact. Encrypted tunnel network provided by VPN servers is of high demand amongst internet users in the world due to the quality of the internet network provided by the Vietnam VPN servers.

Internet users would be able to watch HD movies and other videos at the highest quality possible using the higher bandwidth range. Even the internet access speed would be improved. Vietnam citizens can connect to the outside world through Vietnam VPN service and to do so efficiently, they have to choose their VPN service provider wisely.

Best Vietnam VPN service provider

Choosing a suitable Vietnam VPN would be a difficult job for the subscriber. There are a lot of factors that come into discussion when we try to choose one particular VPN provider. Few of those factors include price, bandwidth range, security protocols, number of servers, data traffic etc. Our experts have evaluated all the VPN service providers on these standard features and have come out with the list of the best Vietnam VPN service providers.

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