Why Do I Need VPN Protection While I Am Traveling?

Whether or not you’re already aware of censorship, region restrictions and the many other internet issues you’re likely to face when you travel abroad and attempt to browse the web, you might not realize that traveling within the borders of your own country is equally fraught with challenge. When you’re away from home traveling for business or for a vacation, there are very few times that a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, will not come in handy.

Why Do I Need VPN Protection While I Am Traveling Abroad?

There are various issues associated with accessing the internet while you are in another country, even though at first glance it seems that the web is a global device that ought to be the same anywhere you go. In many different countries across the world there are strict censorship protocols in place. This makes it difficult to access any website that the country has deemed inappropriate. These sites may simply be news and opinion websites from back home or the censorship may stretch as far as banning social networking and other seemingly innocuous activity.

If you are traveling to a country with no restrictions in place, you still can’t really breathe easy. Any website associated with your finances will red flag activity that it sees taking place in an unusual location. Your bank might have region restrictions that make it impossible to log on from outside the country as a means to prevent suspicious activity as far as reasonably possible. Shopping sites may be equally stringent in preventing unusual purchasing behavior. You will also run into issues if you attempt to watch streaming video through online portals from back home, because almost all these services are restricted to IP addresses from that country.

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Why Do I Need VPN Protection While I Am Traveling At Home?

Even when you travel at home, you need a VPN to be sure that you are browsing securely. Though you won’t need its help to access the websites you’re used to spending time on, you will need its assistance to make sure that you are doing so away from the attention of thieves and hackers. The trouble with travel is that you must always use public internet connections while you are not at home or at the office, and these networks are neither secure nor guaranteed to be free of cyber criminals. If a hacker is able to share your network connection, it’s then a simple matter for them to intercept and access your data if you are not using a VPN to protect yourself.

Need VPN Protection? We Can Help!

Wherever you plan to go and whatever internet activity you would like to have available when you get there, why not ensure your freedom and security before you leave? Our experts have selected the top five providers of VPN services for travelers and compiled their findings in the comparison table below:

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