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We have by now all heard that most websites track user activities to some extent. They want to know what pages you visit so they can create more of the same content. They want to know what you buy so they can offer you relevant deals. But they also want to know what you can afford and how willing you will be to pay for items you don’t really need. They also want to know who you would share your finds with so they can target those potential customers. Consumer data is so valuable that it is regularly sold. When you visit a website, you are not just helping them to serve you better. You are giving up personal data that makes them rich, and can get you hacked or stolen from. But you can easily prevent this by using a top VPN like VyprVPN.

Prevent Online Tracking

What a VPN does is stop the common forms of tracking by hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic. Because you are not using your real IP and in fact not the same IP at all, you cannot be profiled. The websites will not be able to put your data together because there is no common factor of an IP address by which they can identify you. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing anything illegal in the Internet. Knowledge of your activities can put you in danger.

Only 28 percent of Internet users employ tools like VPNs to protect themselves online. Most people have not yet learned to use a VPN to prevent online tracking because they do not realize the dangers. Google collects massive amounts of data about what you search. Facebook gathers all the details you provide. Most other services do the same. And not all of them are really concerned about keeping the data secure. For instance, if your Facebook account information became available, this together with what you post can give scammers all they need to pass authentication tests for most banks, utilities, and other services you pay for. You could end up with an empty savings account, maxed out credit card and a ton of subscriptions billed to you.

And choose your VPN company wisely. Data brokers are aware that VPNs have the ability to gather a ton of data on their users. Although VPNs are privacy tools, some companies will not hesitate to enter into data sharing agreements with these data miners. You don’t want your data released, so be careful to read privacy and data policies carefully. VyprVPN has been offered similar deals to give them unique user identifiers, complete webpage visits and search histories. VyprVPN declined, but other VPNs might not.


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