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ibVPN is once again reaching out to Internet users to warn them about the dangers of the Internet. Recent discoveries have revealed that the privacy of users in the US is in particular danger even as users around the world continue to face increased risk of online attacks.

US Internet Users Need a Privacy VPN More than Ever

The subject of online privacy and anonymity has taken precedence over the topic of censorship in the last months. Since the revelations of Edward Snowden, US Internet users have been on edge about what the NSA is really capable of. Internet users have known for some time that they are being monitored by ISPs, and tracked by websites when they use the Internet. But this did not seem so bad because they were assured that their privacy remained intact, and that this was done only to provide a more comfortable browsing experience. But as report after report came out on the tools the NSA used and the extent of their data mining, people became curious about what kind of information online services are really gathering. People have become aware that very detailed profiles of individual Internet users exist. And these profiles are being sold and shared at will. It also became evident that no one is safe from this government-sponsored mass surveillance, especially when data-rich Internet companies have indiscriminately opened up their data stores to NSA analysts.

Internet company databases have been the biggest source for the agencies engaging in mass surveillance. These are the logical sources because they contain the largest stores of user data available in one place. Because Internet communications have become so convenient in the last few years, the data available for any user is neatly categorized and interlinked. Email, instant messaging and calls are done from one platform, and social media profiles are linked up and synched with calendars and schedulers. In a sense, our desire for connectivity has made it easier to become victims of privacy breaches. The government has also been using telecom company records to get real-time data on calls and user locations. Early on, many people considered turning to Internet services to prevent this type of tracking. But when they learned that the Internet is an even bigger score, it seemed that the snoopers would get whatever they wanted anyway.


VPNs Now for US Users

VPN technology is nothing new, but it has been known more for its use in bypassing censorship rules and unblocking restricted services. Since we learned that the NSA has teamed up with Britain’s GCHQ, the focus has been on the privacy of online communications in the US. But the surveillance activities are not limited to within the country. Internet users around the world face privacy threats as well, although they are not as rigidly monitored as those living in the US. In the past few months, ibVPN reports that people have been rediscovering VPN services as privacy tools.

Most VPN users in the past have been from countries where Internet access is restricted and Internet use unsafe. People used VPNs to access content that their governments had deemed unsuitable for the public. They used VPNs to evade monitoring when they were under political and social pressure. Businesses used VPNs to secure their communications in places where cybercrime was rampant. Today, ibVPN has noticed an increase in the number of US VPN users. They applaud this shift as they have been encouraging users to take advantage of the privacy benefits of VPN technology.

VPNs have not enjoyed a very good reputation in some circles because of the way that people have used them. They are condemned by anti-piracy campaigners as tools that promote copyright infringement. ISPs don’t like them because they defeat traffic monitoring. Governments try to ban them because they help people break through their barriers. But in truth, VPNs were created to provide users with security to help them avoid becoming victims of online theft and other cyber crimes. People will still use VPNs for the above purposes, ibVPN says, but that is a matter of choice. What ibVPN wants to emphasize is that VPNs have the ability to help people gain online anonymity so they can secure themselves from unwarranted invasions on their privacy.

US IP addresses obtained through VPN services have been in demand for several years. They are a great help to people who need to free their Internet. US users to some degree have also taken advantage of US VPNs for business security. But today more US residents are seeking VPN companies to give them US IP addresses. They don’t need to unblock websites or other Internet services. And they are happy about the additional Internet security. But the real deal is for them to be able to go about their daily Internet activities without worrying about all the different snoopers on their trail.

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