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IPVanish has just finished setting up their French language website. This website has all the functionality of the main site, in the French language. With the recent news of France’s intelligence agency DGSE spying on telecom customers, it will be a great help to French top VPN users.

French Language Website

Whether you are in France or are a native French speaker living, working or traveling in another country, the IPVanish French language website will be a great help. IPVanish worked hard to bring to the French website the same functions that IPVanish offers on their main website. French speakers can now read about the benefits of IPVanish in their native language to better understand the security choices they need to make.

French Language Website

The French equivalent of the NSA, called DGSE, has been spying on telecom customers. Big telecom companies like Orange admit that they have been sharing consumer data with the agency for many years. Consumers did not know about this until Edward Snowden leaked the information, which was found in some of the documents that he took from the NSA. This means that the NSA is at least partially involved in the DGSE data collection, which was kept secret from telecom customers. And they weren’t just taking metadata, but had access to complete data on users from the telecom companies. This would include contents of emails, telephone conversations, and Internet visits. It also means that any communications from these customers to users of other email or telecom providers would also be open. This violates the privacy of these other users.

IPVanish is an online security tool that can help people to stay safe from this type of pervasive snooping. If your ISP cannot see where you are going online, they cannot keep a record of it. You still need private email providers, but IPVanish will encrypt your Internet traffic. This adds another layer of encryption to your emails for even better security.


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