Top cloud storage websites which are rocking the internet:

Cloud storage is a set up in which online date is kept save in numerous networks of virtual pools. This kind of network is designed in such a format that it can easily be accessed by third parties’ hosts. The services of cloud storage can be accessed by the different web based interfaces, APIs as well as numerous storage gateways. The top four cloud storage web sites which are rocking the internet consumers these days in a larger number are as follows:.you can also visit the list of Top 10 Cloud storage Providers.

1. Drop box:

What a wonderful design of drop box is. It is one of the leading and dominating cloud storage web sites on the internet. On a daily basis, millions of users’ access drop boxes for solving numerous of their problems. But the question here is why drop box? The answer is so simple, because drop box provides its users with many facilities of file sharing, file deletion, file storage on a permanent basis as well as synchronization problems of any sort of data is well solved by drop box interface. It provides an awesome accessible storage facility to the users ad surprising fact is its storage facility from 25 to 50 gaga bites is free. So, if you want to save your files within this storage capacity, then drop box is the right option for you to go with.

2. Sky Drive:

It is a presentation by the internet and soft ware icon, Microsoft. Sky drive is the second option for the users to go with. It provides its users an easy to access and friendly as well as full of numerous features data storage option. But wait—sky drive does not support data storage of more than seven gaga bites. So, if you want to make it accessible over this limit, then you would have to purchase from a wide range of versions of different storage capacities such as twenty, fifty and one hundred gaga bites. These different versions can easily be purchased via online Microsoft sorters or other soft ware stores in dollars. Payment is usually made via Paypal.

3. Google Drive:

The name of google drive needs no introduction. It is the one stop for all the users to save their files and data in to their own email addresses. Google drive provides its users with many options of file saving, form creation, file creation in word, file creation in excel, deletion of extra files and of course professional looking online forms can be created in google drive. The most interesting thing in this storage option is that it can also be shared with more than two persons via email addresses. Isn’t it wonderful that you would need not to make separate files for multiple users again and again?

4. Mega:

Just like various best cloud storage providers, Mega is a popular name with millions of its users around the globe. But the unfortunate thing about it is that it is not available to its users free, so the users have to pay monthly or annual fees to make use of Mega cloud storage facility

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