Successful Defense from Verizon for the Privacy of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates

Verizon, one of the popular Internet service providers has worked to save the privacy successfully of their several subscribers whose have been accused for sharing copyrighted contents using BitTorrent. The Internet service provider has refused to obey the court order that was obtained by the famous publisher (Wiley & Sons) in their BitTorrent mass. Initially, Wiley had responded with this move through putting a questionto the court for asking Verizon to provide assistance in this matter. But they withdrew this demand along with the subpoenas.
Those who have downloaded and shared copyrighted contents through BitTorrent websites, will eventually get monitored for several reasons. In the USA, these sorts of activities are known as the illegal actions.
In recent times, more than quarter million users of BitTorrent have been alleged by the Federal courts for having part in this illegal activity. A copyright holder participated in such an activity is the book publisher Wiley and Sons, and they are well-known for the “For Dummies” series.
Wiley and Sons and others filing bunch of lawsuits against John are only found by the IP address. Then they have requested a subpoena to get the subscriber’s information for the specific IP address from the court. This process has been implicated so that, they can contact with the person and ask him to settle the whole case by paying some money. This business has been profitable, and it can bring a huge amount of money, but people have been criticized this excessively.
Early in this month, it has been reported that, the company Verizon refused to abide with the subpoena that had been issued by the Federal court, New York. With available grounds, the Internet service provider doubts if the subpoena could lead the search of obtaining relevant information. Besides, Verizon has recommended that one paying for that account may not be the law breaker. It can be a compelling point since another judge from New York has stated that, an you can’t really identify someone with just an IP address, it can find simply a connection.
However, Verizon was also rejected to provide more info for the sake of their subscriber’s privacy reason. They think that, it will create a great chaos in of case of their customer privacy if the ongoing BitTorrent lawsuits investigation has to get through all subscribers info. The company has infromed that, Wiley is asking for the right of disclosing information for the third parties as it will require for the safekeeping right of privacy and safety.
Verizon has also reminded that, the book published is asking for the info for illegal purposes that are regarded to harass which may cause delay for no reason and unnecessarily increase the price of litigation. Wiley did not comply with the respective objections that had filed, and they asked the court to oblige Verizon for complying with it. After having a conference between Wiley with the judge, the request had been dropped. And it was not the end yet as the court has received a letter recently. That letter discloses that Wiley has withdrawn their charge after sending it to the Verizon.
After the telephone conference they have decided to withdraw all subpoenas to Verizon and their charge on Verizon to react into those subpoenas, said by Wiley. It is unfortunate that, not much details were revealed for the public. However,it is understandable that, Verizon has successfully fought against the accusation for those BitTorrent users. This news has certainly released amount of pressure from a number Verizon users that may get into same situation in future days. However, Verizon does not seem to complaint against all charges. In fact, the company has made a great mistake after giving the personal details of the users before this privacy infringement has been allowed. It seems like, the Internet service provider wants to create an arrangement where users will be warned and let known before getting into harassed situations.
Verizon has also confirmed that, they have introduced “Six strikes” model as the perfect solution for the piracy issue. The company also believes that, the program will offer the best possible approach to sort out the issue of file sharing illegally, and respect the rights and privacy for their users. It also offers a mechanism that will help people to get many sources of permissible web contents.
The “Six Strikes” piracy warning model will be put into practice in the second half of this year. This really does not indicate that, the lawsuits will be stopped completely, but it seems like Verizon will co-operate in all those acts without offering any fight.

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