StrongVPN for China Web Access

StrongVPN is one of the established VPN providers that has been tested for gaining access to blocked websites in China. With StrongVPN, the Great Firewall can be defeated to allow full access to Facebook, YouTube, Google + and other websites. VPNs use advanced technology to bypass censorship and provide user anonymity.

Why You Need a VPN for China

The Great Firewall of China works to block access to a lot of websites. Users in China will not be able to use these sites without a VPN. So many websites are blocked in China that it becomes almost impossible to do normal daily activities on the Internet. Even websites that are partially blocked, like Google, do not work well some of the time.

To enjoy unlimited access to all websites and content available on the Web, you need StrongVPN. This will hide the IP address that is issued to you by your Chinese ISP. All your activity goes through this new IP given to you by the VPN server. No one, not even your ISP, will be able to see what you are doing on the new IP. They are first of all blocking and tracking your Chinese IP, and secondly they will not know that it is you using the alternate IP. Now connected to a different IP from any other country you choose, you can gain access to blocked websites. All the content that is available in the country that you are connected to will be open to you.


You need a reliable VPN to use the Internet freely from China. Many VPNs do not provide quality service and may cut out at the most inconvenient times. Speeds and bandwidth and downloads may also be limited. This makes it difficult to do many common activities like streaming, posting on Facebook, and transferring large files. With StrongVPN, you will enjoy unlimited access so you can use the Internet as you would like to.

StrongVPN is one of the top VPN providers. It is fast and stable, and once connected, you will rarely experience connection loss. StrongVPN also offers very good customer technical support. You can chat with a technician any time you encounter a problem and get a solution within minutes. There is a wide variety of StrongVPN servers and protocols available to help you stay ahead of updates to the Great Firewall and to use the best connection depending on your activities.

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