StrongVPN against ISP Throttling

StrongVPN is a top VPN provider that understands the frustrations you face when trying to access your favorite TV shows and movies. Waiting for the release date of the next installment is hard enough. But when you are in a country where you are blocked from accessing the content, it gets worse. Then if you do get access by some means, you are then faced with terrible speeds that force you to endure seemingly endless buffering before and during each video.

Stop ISP Throttling with StrongVPN

Some unblocking services like proxies can really slow down your connection. They do not have the resources to provide you with dedicated servers that guarantee you top speeds. But much of the time it is your ISP that cuts your Internet speed. They don’t like it when you use up a lot of bandwidth and make huge data transfers even though you pay for your connection. So they limit your download and upload capabilities to discourage you. Recent reports indicate that the popular ISP may be throttling services like Netflix and Amazon across the board.

Proxies can get you access to restricted services, but are often not that secure. Your ISP can find out what you are doing with a bit of digging. But with StrongVPN, your activities are completely secure as long as you stay connected to one of their servers. If they don’t know what online services you are connected to, they cannot limit your speeds. And StrongVPN provides very fast servers so you do not have to worry about endless buffering.


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