SSTP VPN vs OpenVPN Protocols

VPN services are designed for those guys who want to surf the web in a secure and anonymous manner. In addition, these services are perfect for those who want to get access to geo-restricted websites with the mean of a foreign IP address server. It is a fact that when you are going to buy VPN then you get confused as there are many protocols available in the market. SSTP VPN and Open VPN are two common protocols that are generally being offered by almost every  service provider. You definitely have a desire to know the difference between SSTP VPN and Open VPN protocols. Therefore, it is me who will tell you the main differences between both protocols.Let’s start exploring the details.

What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

SSTP stands for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol that offers a mechanism to transport PP and L2TP traffic via an SSL 3.0 channel. This protocol offers security with the mean of key negotiation, traffic integrity checking and encryption. SSTP can virtually pass through all kinds of proxy servers and firewalls because it uses SSL over TCP Port 443.

What is OpenVPN Protocol?

Open VPN is a free and open source software application that is employed in the implementation of virtual private network. This application is capable to establish secure point-to-point and site-to-site connection. It also uses SSL security encryption for virtually traversing network address translators and firewalls.


Points of Difference between SSTP VPN and Open VPN protocols

Here are some points that make a difference between both protocols:

Restricted area  If you are living in an area where government has blocked fixed ports or protocols such as SSTP or PPTP then it is a fact that you can’t use SSTP there. In this case the best protocol will be  OpenVpn because ports, protocols and encryption level can be changed by the service provider on demand.

Operating System

Main advantage of Open Vpn protocol is that it provides support to a number of operating systems. That’s mean it works effectively with Windows, Mac, Linux and IP phones. On the other hand, SSTP is a product of Microsoft and it provides support only to Microsoft OS such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. At this moment, Microsoft doesn’t have any plan to offer this protocol for Linux and Mac OS.

Packet drop

If OpenVpn loses the connection with VPN then it doesn’t throw you back on internet. Contrary to this, if SSTP loses connection then it exposes your computer’s identity over the web; it is certainly not desirable for you. In another words, your identity can be shown on the web in case of SSTP packet drop condition.

Speed and Reliability

When it comes to speed then generally tech lovers give a preference to SSTP because it is quicker than  OpenVpn. It is also important to note that SSTP is more reliable as compare to open source OpenVpn. However, Windows operating system needs to be up-to-date for proper functioning of SSTP.


It is somehow challenging to configure OpenVpn protocol while it will be easier for you  to configure SSTP. Setup of SSTP is quite easy because you only need to enter hostname, login and password details. When you have SSTP settings, then you can connect any computer from any part of the world with it. When it comes to overhead then you come to know that OpenVpn has high overhead due to its layers of encryption whilst this is not the same case with SSTP.

Mobile compatible An advantage of SSTP is that it is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones. However,a  minor disadvantage of OpenVpn is that it offers insufficient support to mobile devices. You need to install third party client if you want to use it on a mobile device.

I have explained the main points of comparison between SSTP and Open VPN protocols for you. Now it is up to you to choose a protocol that meets with your requirements and needs.

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