Overspends on Antivirus by Britain

With a sponsored study by the government of UK, it has been found that, UK as a country is basically spending quite a lot antivirus software in order to restrict online fraud, and other cyber crimes. However, many security experts have regarded this perception as way too simplistic.

The Cambridge University has initiated a study which reveals that, the amount of money that has spent to prevent cyber crimes is more than the expenditure of the cyber threat. The report has also been referred as the pioneer and systematic way of estimating both types of cyber threats related costs- be it direct or indirect. The report has also indicated that, there is a need that the government needs to spend further on taking action against the criminals rather than taking action against the event.

Earlier reports have indicated that, the definite cost of crime in the internet world has not judged based on the shell. From a ministry office supported research reveals that, Internet based criminality has already hit the economy of British which is more than $27 billion per year. However, this number has been estimated from industrial figure.

According to a report, UK citizens usually spend few pennies each day for various Internet scams. To fight against all cyber threats, UK citizens spend more than $1 billion annually. For antivirus or other virus protecting application, they use more than $170 million per year. This figure shows different stature as $15 million has spent for law enforcement. The conclusion that everyone can understand is that they have to spend as less as possible in the sector of defense and more in policy making.
However, some of the MPs of London do not think like that. For them, investing more for raising awareness against cyber crimes like stay safe online, and develop something to stop cyber crime is another question.

Sophos, the security experts think that, both policing and prevention are absolutely necessary. They indicate it to be too simplistic for sending out to prevent using antivirus, and ask cops whether they can help or not. They do believe that, the whole country has to come forward to fight against cyber crimes, and to do that, proper investment is needed. Besides, the country has to invest to substantial actions against all cyber threats to protect users through legal actions. Anyone who has been surfing Internet without any antivirus will surely realized that, he or she will need antivirus application.

However, the experts also believe that, the police won’t be able to take immediate actions to neutralize cyber threats. In reality, these types of cyber crimes require many days to find out the real cause.

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