Online Filtering Hurts Legitimate Websites

The LSE Media Policy Project and the Open Rights Group has recently published a report that includes several numbers of legit websites whose have been blocked due to the present filtering technology. According to this report, online filtering system on cellular networks has created the problem of over blocking. Besides, it will create a serious problem for many legitimate websites if similar types of steps are going to be implemented by the broadband ISP subscribers. However, the report mentioned about 10 examples where several legitimate websites have been blocked incorrectly in 2012. Besides, it is also mentioned that, most of the cellular networks from United Kingdom are suffering from mistaken blocking. The actual matter is that, censorship has been implicated for adult contents and it is quite difficult to determine which one is appropriate as many websites might have contents similar to adult contents but with completely different purpose, such as health condition checking or providing sex education.

There are several types of over blocking that occurs on a regular basis. In these cases, websites have been misclassified and their contents have been filtered as they are not recognized as legalized contents. Secondly, there are some disputed classifications where a subjective judgment is required to know whether the content needs to be censored or not.

However, several networks have expressed their views about this censorship issues. These networks also believe that, forums should be blocked as young people are interacting with unknown people on regular terms. Even though, this sort of action may block educational and peer supporting websites too.

Amongst all top 10 inappropriate blocks in the United Kingdom, there has been a website named as the French digital right advocacy outfit. This website has been blocked by the Orange’s safeguard system. This particular list has included personal blogs where political opinions have been submitted, where adult content is not available and many other simple sites like St, Margarets community website.

There is another website named as eHow.com that has a worldwide popularity as an educational and advice providing website. Lastly, this service allows people creating single page threads to share or save from conversations on social media website. According to this report, the British network operators have failed to provide a possible pathway for appealing against inappropriate website blocking. If this continues, it is quite possible that blocking legitimate business websites such as Figleaves and Bravissimo might also happen for providing non-filtered products or contents in their websites.

The report has also suggested that the authorities have to reject the default on system from the network to avoid any type of censorship. Besides, it is important to provide a parent filtering system that can prevent children from browsing into non-legalized websites.

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