NSA Will Spend Money on Cyber Expertise

The last year cyber war issue has created chaos, and it has paramount the level of concern. The output is the additional budget in the defense sector. The National Security Agency has decided spending some cash to expand the American cyber expertise. The agency has decided starting secret intelligence programs against people those who have created this sort of illegal works on computer networks. These programs have been initiated at some of the universities through new cyber-ops program. Press reports have indicated that, a new cyber-ops program has been initiated to offer some basic educations for the people that works in military, intelligence, and law enforcement industries.

It looks like the course is so secretive that, it will be revealed only to some specified students and couple of faculties. You will require the security clearance and platform tickets. However, the main issue for the National Security Agency is the process on how they will be able to find out the real people whose are working behind these sorts of cyber crimes. Any of the best cyber frauds or terrorists will not be found out in the criminal charge sheet.


Neal Ziring, the technical director of the National Security Agency’s information assurance Directorate has stated that, cyber crime operators of good quality can’t be detected easily be the agency as they are really few in number and far between. The motto for the agency is to create a protective barrier for the American Government based computer networks, and to store information of foreign intelligence through satellites and decode them. He has also mentioned that, it was not that easy to get the right university for this program. From twenty universities, the NSA has approved only four of the universities, and they have received the accreditation of “Centres of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations”. The manager of this program has expressed disappointments over the rest of the universities through saying that, not all of them have got excellent technological services.

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