Norway Legislation and VyprVPN for Business

Norway is in the process of developing legislation that promises to be very restrictive to Internet users. In preparation, Golden Frog has launched a VyprVPN server cluster in Norway. This cluster came soon after VyprVPN began offering VPN services for businesses. These two additions to the VyprVPN offerings has been helpful for Norwegians who depend daily on open and free Internet.

VyprVPN for Businesses

Golden Frog has been offering VyprVPN services to businesses for just over a month now. They are proud to announce that the response has been positive. VyprVPN has been encouraging businesses, especially small to medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the security that VyprVPN offers. These businesses do not have the large budgets that big businesses have for Internet security. VyprVPN now offers them an affordable solution that protects their interests and helps to secure customer data as well.

As advocates of online privacy and open Internet, VyprVPN is pleased to see a positive response from businesses. VyprVPN has been able to provide these establishments with data and traffic encryption that has proven valuable for open and safe communications with their customers and remote staff. These communications are safe from online snooping which maintains their privacy and prevents credit card fraud and financial theft. Businesses have also reported that they have had an easier time of it thanks to the way that VyprVPN has opened up different avenues of communication for them.

VyprVPN helps businesses control their employees’ Internet connections. It allows for the easy administration of users. It protects the vulnerable data transfers between their devices and their Internet service providers. It protects communications over unsecured connections like public WiFi. Confidential information is not likely to leak out because of lax company data security practices while VyprVPN is standing guard. VyprVPN for business protects the business communications of each employee, regardless of the device used or their location. And the bundled pricing offered for VyprVPN for Business makes this effective security solution affordable for smaller establishments.


VyprVPN in Norway

VyprVPN for business is being tested by a number of businesses in Norway in preparation for the proposed restrictions on Internet traffic. Monitoring and tracking are dangerous for businesses because they put sensitive data at risk. Businesses must protect their plans and idea to remain competitive. They must also protect their customers’ data to preserve good relations and prevent them from becoming victims of online theft and scams. VyprVPN has proven to be a convenient and effective tool for them. The company hopes that more businesses will discover the merits of using a business class VPN for online privacy and security.

The new VyprVPN server cluster recently opened in Oslo, Norway is also going to help businesses to operate normally under the impending restrictive legislation. It will provide them with fast connections that will secure their traffic without hindering communications because of speed issues. There are also no bandwidth limitations and several other server options to consider when they need to more efficiently communicate with clients outside the country. This allows businesses the same freedoms regardless of Internet restrictions, and more freedom to connect with people for better growth opportunities.

Golden Frog is a global software and Internet application development company and the VyprVPN service provider. It owns and operates a network of VPN server clusters in North America, Europe, and Asia. Unlike other VPN providers, Golden Frog is the only company that handles its users’ data so that privacy and security are protected from end-to-end. They are committed to developing applications and services that preserve privacy and an open and secure Internet experience for all Internet users. VyprVPN has users in over 215 countries depending on the high security and service delivery offered by 100% Golden Frog owned and operated hardware and network. To know more about VyprVPN packages and other leading VPN service offerings, visit our VPN providers page.

VyprVPN users now have unlimited access to the following server locations:

Asia – Hong Kong
Canada – Toronto
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris
Germany – Frankfurt
Ireland – Dublin
Italy – Rome
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Norway – Oslo New!
Romania – Bucharest
Russia – Moscow
Singapore – Singapore
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Zurich
U.K. – London
U.S. – Austin
U.S. – Los Angeles
U.S. – Miami
U.S. – Washington, D.C.

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