India Wants UN to Control Web

India have suggested to move away into the government based mutual body which can consign civil society, international companies, private sectors, and academic and technical bodies to the outer edges in an specific counseling role.

In the mean time, this special proposal has already gained a grip in UK without having any public discussion. However, this sort of movement will create a significant impact on the hundred million people using the internet and 800 million using the mobile across the country.

India recommended that, CIRP should create online policies that can be internationally approved around the world. Besides, CIRP needs to create all online standard policy attire and bodies of oversees, and try to consult web related agreements. Moreover, it should have the authority to rule the online related disagreements.

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The special committee will be sponsored by the UN, and governed by the staffs of UN in the sector of Development and Trade. The report will be given directly to the General Assembly of the United Nations. So, the whole working policies will be controlled and functioned by the member states of UN.

The opponents can’t provide any explanation with the present policies to protest against this proposal. Nowadays, the web is monitored by the voluntary and multi venture group called as ICANN. Since the whole work has been looking after and functioning by the California city; therefore, the the government of the United States is taking the whole advantages of this formation and supervision. This indicates that, the whole web regulation has been controlling by the United States government only.

A number of local newspapers have claimed that, there is something worse than the present condition where there was no government involvement in monitoring the whole process of ICANN. With this additional policy, the whole web controlling and monitoring process will be gripped more by the government. India started to think about the web policies when Anna Hazare, the anti-corruption campaigner had managed to get attentions into mass people at the grounds of Ram Lila through social media connections and other websites.

Meanwhile, the main issue in the Indian proposed terms is not about developing some secreting plots. The country is trying to create a hold where politicians would control the web. According to some local newspapers from India, any process inside the governmental lodges of 50 members into the UN bureaucracy. The meeting has been processing for every one or two weeks intervals in Switzerland and it can’t be helpful for the development of web. Even though, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan have also confirmed their interest on controlling over the internet space by the government policies.

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