IAPS Security Upgrades

IAPS Security has announced upgrades to its online store to deal with a few troubling issues. They now have a new store that both new and current subscribers can more securely and more conveniently use. IAPS Security also has a new secure email service available.
IAPS Security has recently fixed a few issues relating to the online store. There was an automated spamming problem that led to the creation of hundreds of accounts. There was also an SSL problem where the certificate did not register when certain social media plugins that are not secure were used. The store was also loading very slowly when a lot of people were visiting and transacting on the page. This was very inconvenient for subscribers and was a major concern for IAPS Security. Another inconvenience that the company wanted to resolve was having too many categories on the store page. The fixes took some time, but IAPS wanted to make sure the solution was high quality so people wouldn’t run into the same trouble again.

The New IAPS Security Online Store

IAPS Security now has a beautiful new online store that has fixed all of the abovementioned issues. The store now uses top level SSL with 256-bit AES encryption that properly secures transactions without any plugin problems. New Captcha has also been integrated to keep the spambots out. The new store now features product categories that users can search within to find their desired products. It is much less cluttered and much easier to navigate than the previous products list.
Because of spam bots and old accounts, the database for subscribers was too messy to be cleaned out. Site users will now have to create new accounts and log in to access the site’s features. This is an extra step for current subscribers, bit is meant to make the experience more convenient. It also makes the experience more secure and keeps unnecessary traffic out. The site is now also faster as a result, so that is an added convenience.
For users who still aren’t too keen on having to register again, PayPal payments are now also supported. By clicking the PayPal button on the storefront, subscribers can quickly complete signups and renewals. The button will have the system automatically create a user account then email the information for later use.
A new feature of the IAPS Security online store is live chat. This live support system is a feature that IAPS Security has been very excited to offer, and is now very proud to have available. The company had previously used Skype to offer support to its subscribers. But since the news of data compromise on the platform, IAPS Security has opted to permanently stop using the VoIP service.


IAPS Secure Email Service

IAPS is also offering secure email services to subscribers. This gives concerned users more private alternatives to the standard email providers whose user data may be compromised by involvement in NSA data mining activities. The service is founded on Exchange 2013 by Microsoft and uses Transport Layer Security. The email user’s original IP address is shielded from snoops so all outgoing messages are secure. The user’s data is also removed by the servers for better privacy and identity protection.
IAPS Security offers webmail and client-based services that work on all of the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems for the greatest degree of flexibility. Users of Microsoft Office and Outlook 2010 and 2013 do not have to change their configuration and simply add their IAPS email to the client. All existing email accounts can also be set to forward communications to the new IAPS email for security. The IAPS servers do not store encryption keys, so there is no data to turn over to the government in case they request it. The data encryption is done on the user’s end with different plugins so the keys are controlled by the users.
With IAPS browser-based webmail, users can change language settings, compose emails offline, share calendars and synch data from computers or phones and tablets. There are no ads and strong filters that take care of junk and spam. The inbox is customizable to allow users to set features such as delivery reports, automatic replies, and emails to be saved. Other features include email notification and requests to meet.

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