How to Setup Linux VPN

Individuals and organizations make use of the internet to perform all the important transactions, whether it is a personal or an official one. Businesses communicate over the internet heavily. Irrespective of the location of the employees, whether they are in the office or at their home, security is of top priority for a business since all the data transferred over the web should be confidential. Success of a business would be determined mainly based on the confidentiality of their data. Linux is not an operating system used by many users and so it is necessary for those who utilize a Linux to look for a VPN service in order to stay protected.

Most of the Virtual Private Network service providers have realized the fact that, more and more Linux users have started opting for a VPN service and so they have modified certain aspects of their service so that, the VPN they offer would suit the Linux system in the best possible manner. Virtual Private Network, at present is the most advanced networking tool available in the market. Process of setting up a VPN service is not that complicated and one can easily setup a VPN service on their Linux OS through simple steps. There are lots of online tools and tips which would help the user understand the setup process quite easily. In this article too, users would be explained about the setup process. VPN setup would be successful only if the configuration of the Linux OS and the VPN service provider are followed as per norms.

Users should also be aware of the fact that, setup for VPN on a Linux OS would also differ with respect to the type of VPN service provider and the configuration with which they offer their services. Thus, different service providers would have different setup procedures. A complete step-by-step procedure for Setup Linux VPN is discussed further in this article.

Setup Linux VPN

Open VPN setup for a Linux OS is what would be explained below. Administrative peripherals would be necessary for the user to perform the complete setup procedure. If they do not possess the information they require, it is better to contact the IT officer in the office and ask for all the necessary files.

Step: 1 – OpenVPN should be installed in the system or operating system. Once the installation is done, one should not immediately open it, rather should restart the system in order to refresh the entire operating system. After that, the terminal command window should be opened.

Step: 2 – On the window, the user should type in “sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn” and this particular step is to install the network manager openvpn. Upon typing it, the next step would be to press ENTER.

Step: 3 – Setup would ask for whether the setup procedure should continue or not. For those who wish to continue, can simply select YES and proceed further. Network manager setup should be restarted once again.

Step: 4 – The next step in Setup Linux VPN, would be to configure VPN and this can be done by clicking on the VPN connections tab on the network manager icon.

Step: 5 – The type of VPN connection should be chosen through the configure VPN menu. VPN connection type can be edited by entering all the parameters corresponding to the configuration provided by the VPN service provider. Usually, parameters that have to be entered might include the connection name, gateway, username, password, CA certificate etc. After entering all the details, the person should click Apply.

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Once the setup procedure is done, it is quite easy to connect and disconnect to a VPN service. Network manager icon should be opened by the user and under the VPN connections; the user should select the VPN service and click on it. Upon entering the password, the connection would be automatically made. To disconnect, the user can simply select the Disconnect VPN. This is the simple procedure for Setup Linux VPN.Here is the list of top 5 vpn providers.

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