How to Get Faster VPN Speeds

Faster VPN service provider would be the better choice since the internet user would be able to view the contents of their choice uninterruptedly. Uninterrupted access would not only be beneficial for the user but would also provide a reputation to the VPN service provider, which in turn would provide the service provider with a large number of users wanting their services. Speed of a VPN service would be based on the download speed and the upload speed to a certain extent. The most important feature of all which determines the speed of a VPN service provider is the Latency. Latency is nothing but the time taken for an internet user to view the data they have tried to access i.e. from the point of clicking the site to the point of receiving the data would be the latency.

Upload speed is the speed with which a file gets uploaded i.e. Mbps speed with which a file gets uploaded through their server and similarly, download speed is the speed with which a file gets downloaded by the user. Distance from the location of the person to the location of the server or the country’s server which the person is trying to access would also determine the speed of the VPN service. If the location of the server, the person is trying to access is far away from the present location of the individual, then the time taken for the file to open would be very high.

Latency Factor

For example, a person from South East Asia, trying to access a server located in Canada would experience a time lag in viewing the website of their choice. This would create a lot of trouble for the user because they would not be able to view the content much easily and quickly the way they like.

Download Speed

VPN users who often watch videos, TV channels, movies and other video streaming web sessions and those who download a lot of files and data would be in need of higher download speeds to get what they require on a daily basis without any time lag.


Faster speeds on VPN would also be based on the number of visitors who try to access a single server. With more number of users trying to access a single server, the traffic would increase and as a result of that, the accessibility speed would decrease. Speed of a VPN server would be based on the capacity of the server possessed by the VPN service provider. For example, if the capacity possessed by a VPN service provider on one particular server is 20 Mbps, then with increased number of visitors to this particular server, the VPN speed available for every single visitor would be a fraction of this particular capacity and so as a result of this, one can imagine the speed with which they would be able to access the websites.

The above mentioned factors indicate the features which would affect the user from accessing their favorite websites quickly. The next part of this article would be dealing with the factors that have to be taken into account in order to gain good access speeds on a VPN service.

Shortest Server Location

Users who want to gain faster speeds on VPN should try to access the server which is the closest to their present location. This would easily provide good access speeds and in the case of people who are farther away from the location of the servers can make use of certain VPN service providers who have higher connectivity speeds. Closest servers can be determined using the distance of the location. For example, Los Angeles servers would prove good for viewers from China, than servers operating out of New York or Washington.

Connectivity Problems

Certain servers always have connectivity problems which would hinder the accessibility of the internet user. In order to stay clear of these problems, the user can test servers to get a grasp of the speed with which they operate. Speed tests are provided by various VPN service providers which would give an idea on the speed with which the user would be able to view the contents of a website. But, this particular testing phenomenon does not provide the exact result in all cases and so speed tests can also be done by practically evaluating the speed with which the server would operate.

DNS Server

DNS server and the type of website accessed by the user would determine the speed of the VPN server too. Updating a DNS server would provide better results. VPN service providers even provide an active and fresh DNS server for their users or an internet user can even go for a Google based public DNS servers.

Surrounding Climatic Conditions

Speed of an internet connection is also determined by the climatic conditions. Storms, hurricanes and severe rain or snow would affect the speed of the internet connection. Cable faults would even affect the VPN server accessibility.


Type of Internet Connection

Users who access their favorite websites from a wireless internet connection should also take this factor into consideration since the distance from the location of the wireless router would also determine the speed with which one can access the internet. Full operating speed provided by the VPN server can be affected by the distance of the user from the wireless router and so it is necessary to ensure whether the user is able to make use of the maximum operating speed provided by the VPN service provider. Those who are facing problems with their wireless speed can change the router settings into a different channel to see whether they would be able to get the Faster Speeds on VPN.

If the person is facing problems with the Speed of the VPN servers, then they can even contact the customer support personnel of their respective VPN service providers to get their problems fixed. Here is the top 5 list of vpn providers.

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