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The newest and greatest Apple device is out, the iPhone 5. This latest Apple innovation has the potential to reestablish Apple’s hold over the mobile phone market. The iPhone 5 has all the features craved by modern mobile users, including support for VPN connections. VPN support is fast becoming a major feature in mobile devices as a response to the greater need for online protection among mobile users.

iPhone VPN upgrades

The iPhone 5 boasts upgrades that have solved some of the annoying problems found on the iPhone 4. For instance, the distortions previously experienced while connected to the Internet no longer occur. Also, the VPN connection does not cut out when the screen is idle, so users stay protected even when the phone is on a break.

Mobile phones have been recently revealed as the devices that are most vulnerable to malware infection and online hacks. Solving these bugs that could make users drop the service or that could leave them open to intrusion at critical times is sure to make a lot of Apple customers happy. Mobile phones are very often used on unsecure WiFi connections like free hotspots at cafes and restaurants, airports, hotels, museums, and a variety of other public locations. The VPN upgrades give users a higher potential for protection from hacker intrusions on these dangerous connections.

The iPhone 5 is set up so users can manually configure a VPN connection very easily. The VPN configuration can be added at a click on the VPN settings under General, then Network Settings. L2TP is the recommended protocol for mobile VPNs, and HideMyAss has a popular app for this. If you go with HideMyAss, you can get the VPN configuration details from them. Save these details and enter them in the VPN settings when prompted. Once entered, you can start using the VPN service by simply tapping the “ON” button.

HideMyAss is one of the best VPNs for the iPhone 5. It protects the mobile from hacker attacks on the personal and other sensitive data often stored on such powerful devices. HideMyAss is trusted by many users to protect their PayPal and bank accounts, credit card numbers, and details for access to other accounts.

The HideMyAss Pro VPN is fairly easy to use. HideMyAss is a personal VPN service offering OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols with advanced VPN encryption.Multi Protocol Support allows users to quickly change protocols when desired. HideMyAss has over 200 servers spread over 36 countries. This provides over 22,500 IP addresses. The HideMyAss Pro VPN can be set to choose and change the country server that you want to connect to, and schedule IP address shifts at designated time periods. HideMyAss also offers Secure IP Bind, which forces selected applications to connect only after the VPN session.

HideMyAssadditionally provides web proxy services and IP port proxies for just private web surfing or to secure individual applicationswith proxy settings like Skype. HideMyAsssubscribers can also access free file and image hosting features and their anonymous email service. HideMyAss also offers the link anonymous feature that lets you link to websites and the unidentified search feature for hiding search history and results.

As with all top VPNs, the HideMyAss Pro VPN encrypts your Internet connection to secure any application that connects to the Internet. Your Internet traffic is encrypted, and you get a server IP for anonymous browsing. HideMyAss Pro VPN shieldsyou from spies, hackers, and anybody who wants to snoop on your online activity. You can use it to securely surf the web from a public WiFihotspot, and switch to any server in any available country easily. The service runs at gigabit server speeds.

All HideMyAss plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and discounts for long-term subscriptions. Get 1 month at $11.52, 6 months at $50.66, or 12 months at $78.66 for up to 24% savings, or $6/month. HideMyAss has compatible software for Windows (.exe file), Mac (.dmg file), and Linux (commandline version – Alpha). All are easy-install and provide visual interface. HideMyAssalso supports all major browsers like Google, Chrome and Opera. Visit their website for more details, or

You can visit the HideMyAss user forum to see what other users have to say about the service. You may also view details on this  page

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